About LDS

The Latvian Designers’ Society is a professional creative organisation, which unites specialists of various design spheres in order to promote professional growth and enhancement of creative capabilities on the basis of common interests, in order to support increased prestige of the profession and exchange of valuable experience, as well as in order to exhibit, store and ensure publicity of works made by its members and to foster development of the Latvian spiritual and material culture.

The LDS provides assistance to designers in their creative work; protects the social and legal interests of its members and copyrights of the designers in Latvia and abroad. The LDS promotes professional criticism of design and development of design theories. The LDS organises competitions for design projects and design works, collects information about the best design projects and publications about problems in the sphere of design. LDS is the member of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). LDS is a member of the Council of the Creative Unions of Latvia (CCUL).