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Marko Kekishev (Estonia)


Education: 1986 Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA), designer
Work: Since graduation Marko has worked in art studios and bureaus covering the wide range of areas starting from architecture to applied graphics. He was the founder of one of the first Estonian modern advertising agency “Kolm Karu” in 1991. From 1999-2009 Marko worked as a designer and art director in advertising agency Zavod BBDO. On 2008 he established his graphical design bureau Siirup, where he currently works.
Academic work: From 1989 Marko is a lecturer in Estonian Academy of Arts. From 2009 he is a lecturer in Tartu Art College.
Membership in professional organisations: Member of the Estonian Artists’ Association from 1984. Marko has been the establishing member and active promoter of the Estonian Association of Designers from 1989. From 1993 he is the member of the Estonian Graphic Designers’ Union.
Creative achievements:
From 1984 Marko has participated on different exhibitions (posters, aquarelle, graphics, drawing, applied graphics. Starting from 1994 his main area has been applied graphics, posters and advertising. He is a author of several Estonian post stamps as well as he has designed and created corporate graphics for companies residing in Estonia. Marko has organised 4 personal exhibitions and he has been a curator of several group-exhibitions. From 2007 he is a curator of the Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival. Internationally his posters have been presented on exhibitions in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Iran, Bolivia, South-Korea, Russia and Ukraine.

Winner of many advertising and logo competitions, among others also first place in logo category in Kyiv International Advertising festival in 2003. Moscow International Graphic Design fesivali “Golden Bee 7” poster category award in 2006. Winner of Estonian Design Award 2011 in category Identity Gold Award in 2011.