(LV) Skolu konkursa Dizaina arēna 2020 galerija

VD 988 Marina Šalkovska

Project “Modular house”

The idea of an interior project "Vacation house for a family with children" was worked out in cooperation with the company "ROA MODUL".
Given the limited size of the module, the interior design includes a kitchen area, a dining area and a sitting area, as well as two sleeping spaces. In order to allocate the required rooms and functional zones the construction volume of the building was shaped by two easily transportable modules, placing them on top of each other. The basis was a module designed by the company.
The advantages are: relatively low costs, opportunity of permanent or temporary structures, building is used immediately after installation; can be installed on ready-made foundations or directly on a relief surface; easily dismantled and transported.


Projekts: 3 planšetes A1, projektu mape ar rasējumiem A3

Author contacts:

Author(s): Marina Šalkovska
Author's e-mail: marina_shalkovska@inbox.lv
Author's company: PIKC DDMV ''Saules skola''


Client's name: Juris Pundurs, Ineta Auzāne