(LV) Skolu konkursa Dizaina arēna 2019 galerija

SD 920 Nikola Brežņeva

Ghost train

I made this for my photography exam, the title was "Reality and illusion", in my work I wanted to combine opposite things, that's why train is going on water. this work is combined from two separate photographies in Adobe Photoshop.

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SD 916 Nikola Brežņeva


We had to make vizualisation for some word compound. I choosed "Candyland" because this is what I see when someone tells me about war and some forces that want to attack Latvia, and latetly I hear it often especially on different media.

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SD 912 Alise Stefānija Miļuhina

Ad for Riga School of Design and Art "Design. Art. Education."

Vocational Education Competence Centre “Riga Design and Art School” is a place where design, art, communication, professionalism and education meet. This year school wants to invite new students to come and explore the world of design, so this video was made. It is bright, dynamic, funky and tells a story about the school and its students in a really colourful way. “Design. Art. Education.” are three words, that precisely describe school’s atmosphere and what people actually do there. To learn more about the educational programmes, teachers and other opportunities, that this place could give you, the video invites you to visit www.rdmv.lv!

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SD 905 Kristiāna Vilcāne

Visual identy for artist. SAUDEDI

The goal was to create a set of materials for the artist, which would reflect and include her personality, complement her work and create a strong and stable aura around the delicate and fragile illustrations.
It was important to create the logo as something recognisable, mind-boggling, thought-provoking and visually simple, yet complicated in it`s concept, taking one bold step further and not including text, but writing my own story exclusively through an illustration that goes hand in hand with my life and the way I communicate with this world - putting thoughts, opinions, feelings and beliefs on paper, being able to manipulate the human mind and forcing the public to return to the basics of art and seek it`s meaning in everything

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SD 901 Annija Liene Kazaka

Visual identity for organic farm "Mētras" brand "mētru gardumi".

Visual identity for organic farm "Mētras" brand "mētru gardumi".
Visual identity was created for the company, to make recognition and to attract client's attention to the brand and organic farm's products in market places. Identity includes logo, business card, letterhead, banner for sales tent and labels for package.
Green was chosen as the leading color as customer attention attracting nature symbol.
Every type of the product has a different illustration which reflects product contents.
Difference between other brands-unique, in my own style, made illustrations, illustrated using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Labels was printed on self-glued material and put on packages with a product - Different healthy sweets from berries and fruits. Project successfuly perform in market

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SD 884 Ilze Sudnika

Corporate style design for the animal shelter LABS DRAUGS

The theme of the qualification work is an image campaign – creating the corporate style design for the animal shelter LABS DRAUGS s. It is located in Piekrastes Street 2, Daugavpils, Latvia.
As a result, the website was redesigned, an Instagram site, a series of posters and volunteers' T-shirts were created. The image campaign has been implemented in close cooperation with shelter staff and “residents”.

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SD 883 Egons Kivkucāns

Board game "Dinaburg"

The table game "Dinaburg" is designed as a patriotic, entertaining game. The storyline of the game is not based on real historical events, but creates the illusion of the environment, events, characters and weapons of that time. The objective of the project was to create an exciting and unique table game that would be interesting and competitive with other games of this kind. The game is planned to be offered to table game clubs, interested parties and specialized retail points.
Playground dimensions 42cm x42 cm. The package dimensions 22cm x 29cm.
Material: eco cardboard, paper, wood. Production technology - screen printing, laser engraving.

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SD 882 Sandra Roksana Stupiša

BUGS 'SOUL clothing brand

Clothing brand Bugs'Soul is a collection of three men's T-shirts and three women's dresses. It has six illustrations in dotwork style, with Edison lamp and beetle as the main elements. The symbol of the lamp historically denotes the receptacle where the soul is stored, while the beetle symbolizes the journey between the world of life and death. The collection uses black, white and silver, which imitates the radiance of the soul. The technology of prototype realization is screen printing. The clothing collection is complemented with specific packaging, wrapping paper, trademark and promotional materials.

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SD 867 Madara Šulte

Website redesign for Latvian film producers association

After learning about the functions of the association I realised that this organisation needs ar better online presence. I created a design that is mostly uses light colors with strong colorful accents. Large red accents add a strong and energetic impression to the design and I feel these accents represent the character of Latvian films which engages viewer in a strong and energetic manner.

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SD 860 PIKC Liepājas Mūzikas, mākslas un dizaina vidusskolas audzēkne Anna Anastasija Šarova


Artistic series of video animation dedicated to the 395th anniversary of Liepaja displaying children visions about the future of the city. The animation is based on the numbers of the year — 3.9.5, where three represents the number of visual assets: photo, audio and animation. Nine represents objects in Liepaja that can be seen in the animation. Five is the number of children whose visions about Liepaja are used in the animation.
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgemjyKlXXY

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SD 841 Valērija Lastoviča

Visual style and trailer for game "Shards of society"

The style of the game is cartoony and pixelated but with a dark story. This conflict between style and story creates a weird and interesting combination.
The player will assume the role of a professional killer for hire. While exploring the world, completing assignments he will meet a girl who he cannot kill because supernatural forces come into play.

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SD 839 Dans Pauls Jirgensons

The identity of the Cesis Children and Youth Centre

The new identity of the Cesis Children and Youth Centre was created with the aim of refreshing the centre's visual image, its perception, promote order, recognition and popularity by creating unified design guidelines. Simplifying information and customising it to become more personal for the user, resulting in a more welcoming and understandable environment for both the real and the internet world. The qualification work includes a new identity, design guidelines and a website prototype.

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SD 838 Anna Dace Kamaldiņa

The children's colouring book

The children’s colouring books “pay attention” is an alternative to predisposing children to smart devices at an age too young. The books tackle relevant contemporary issues, and portray some of the zero-vast movement ideas. The ultimate goal is to entertain youngsters with media more suitable for their age. Modern man goes the most convenient instead of the morally correct route. These children’s books are tinged in vividly orange and yellow, embellished by grey and illustrative elements. The storyline is rather educational, and can be continued by writing additional instalments.

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SD 837 Dita Marta Mihelsone

What is Papardes zieds?

What is “Papardes zied? Is a series of posters aimed to promote Association “Papardes zieds” (Latvia’s Family Planning and Sexual Health association) as a reliable source of information and promote its work. In today’s internet space, it is difficult to navigate between the amount of information available, you have to be able to analyse given information and find reliable sources. The series consists of 8 posters adapted for use in social media. The slogan of the series is: “Healthy, bright and safe”. Posters are created in bright colours to appeal to the target audience.

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SD 836 Vita Vārslava

“Song of the Evening”

Music video ”Vakara dziesma” (“Song of the Evening”) an unique and aesthetically pleasing music video for promoting the songwriter Ugis Jansons. The video was created by filming projections on a studio set; the visuals were based on the aesthetical movements of Vaporwave and Outrun. While preparing the projections, the scenes were carefully selected to be thematically appropriate, then subjected to colour correction. To ensure a stylistic coherency, the author if the video researched the usage of projections in professional photography and other music videos. The video is published on Ugis Jansons YouTube channel.

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SD 835 Valters Gudrups

"Neredzamā telpa"

“Neredzama telpa” is a concept for a mobile application, intended for viewing art in augmented reality. In recent years, tools for artistic expression in the digital space have experienced significant growth. This has lead to many new possibilities when it comes to using augmented reality technologies, which where in the past mend for only very specific tasks. In todays market there is no platform, that focuses solely on artists that create this kind of art. This concept is a way for that problem to be solved.

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SD 833 Anete Krastiņa


Representative materials for aspiring Latvian artists. The book and card series “ACSKATS”, which reflects the creative work of young artists Georgs Kārlis Kreislers and Gundars Dāvids Smuidris over several years. Book cover and cards printed with a thermochromic color that acts on a heat source by revealing the image below. Color printed by screen printing. The book and card packaging protects the paint layer from sun’s rays.

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SD 832 Diāna Jurkšta

"Your space"

Space is a location, time and environment in which we all live in, continue to study, work, enjoy our free time and meet up with our colleaugues and friends. It’s a city environment and objects around us. This graphic identity was designed for PIKC Riga Design and Art school qualification work exhibition"Your space". The aim of this work was to get the attention of potential students from all over Latvia and introduce them to the possibilities of studying in our school.

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SD 820 Megija Saleniece

Graphic identity

I created a corporate style for environmental infrastructure “3K” , which not only forms a united overview, graphic elements and information stand but also has a functionality. Human actions and emotions - elements that make it easier to understand. Inspired by the environment - the shape of a stand. More aesthetic and lighter reception for nature training - a stand. Shirts, fabric bags, colouring cards, stickers - promotion of infrastructure, Graphic elements on the building indicating progress and explaining “may be touched”. Elements on reflecting vests for employees who indicate that the main group should address uncertainties. Sustainability - using an existing surface for a description.

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SD 819 Loreta Šperliņa - Priedīte

Global circus

This games visual design was made by the inspire of nature processes and creatures. The informative part needs to address the player about the pollution cause and saving environment. Games functionality - the opportunity to change large format size of the game, customizing it to a specific place, time and people group. Design of the game is available in a smaller board game size as well.

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