(LV) skolu konkurss Dizaina arēna 2019 galerija

VD 870 Emīlija Vanaga

,,Inspiración de España’’ (Spanish inspiration).

The goal of the project is to create an ergonomic and unique interior design for an apartment (147 m2) to a Spanish teacher. When working on the apartment project, the client’s wishes were taken into account to create convenient working conditions in the office, working as a translator or teaching Spanish lessons (as a hobby). The main objective of the project was to create a functional and aesthetic housing, including creating comfortable conditions for the teacher, who will often be in her office.

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VD 869 Anna Antipenko

,,Ambient''- apartment interior project for music producer

Projects goal is to create a functional design an apartment for music producer. It also should provide a cosy living and a work space for the producer. Interior of the apartment is inspired by contemporary trends including 50’s interiors and furniture design motifs. Materials like wood, glass, metal and rock were used designing the apartment. Sliding glass doors and brass surfaces provides light all around the apartment and it contrasts between light but also heavy and spacious feeling in the apartment. Word “ambient” means – surroundings. It is mostly used as background music and it creates a spacious feeling in the particular environment. Project was based around that word to create a cosy and contemporary apartment that is filled with light that surrounds you just like ambient music.

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VD 861 Laura Ziemele

,,Lady in red''- apartment interior project

The aim of the work is to create a comfortable, functional and elegant interior design
for the apartment which is located in historic Art Nouveau house. The client is a
business woman and the apartment is occupied by a family of 3. The main task is to create a
project for a tasteful and convenient home.Qualification work supervisor Armands Jekabsons

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VD 812 Zane Tropiņa

Apartment interior design project “EQUILIBRIUM” in Riga

The aim of the project is to create a functionally considered and esthetic interior design for a lawyers apartment of 111.5 m2.

The main task is to create a project for a tasteful home and a lawyers work area where it would be easy to work and meet with clients.

The building has been built in Art Nouveau style, so it is important to keep the elements of the Art Nouveau in the interior.

The apartment is given a modern interior that complements and makes the buildings historical legacy more interesting.

The plan includes a work office, a private area – a bedroom and a bathroom, and a living area – a kitchen, a hall and a livingroom.

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