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(LV) GBD 2015 Skolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija

RD 297 Elīza Sakniņa


Group is composed of oval-shaped dishes, deepened plates, designed for flounders, pout, herring and other fish caught in the Baltic sea. The dishes smallest compartments are designed for tiny fish bones, while the largest container’s flat surface – for placing bread. The set also includes a dish for additives and cups.
Dishes are prepared in collaboration with “Vaidava Ceramics” from Vaidava red clay, glazed. The group designed as supplement to the other product line set "Earth" that buyers known as qualitative, one-side glazed bowls of “Vaidava”.
Project and work leader Inese Petersone


530 X 240 X 50; 415 X 275 X 50; D 100 H 135; D 265 H 35


Jānis Brants

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Author(s): Elīza Sakniņa
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Author's company: RDMV

Teacher (for school competition):

Inese Pētersone


Client's name: RDMV