(LV) GBD 2015 Skolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija

MD 351 Laura Goldmane


Backpack and bag for laptop "Ūsiņš" are made for young spirited tourists, who enjoy spending time in nature, city. "Ūsiņš'' was a ancient latvians deity-guardian. Believed, that reproducing this sign gave it's carrier luck while on the road. Signs feature used in pocket graphics. Using zippers, capacity of the pockets and bag itself is changeable, so unnecessary areas does not make heavy illusion. Collection involves backpack and computer bag, which are possible to use separately or together. Bags are made from calf-leather and fabric. 2015 qualification work on Riga School of Design and Art.

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MD 328 Karīna Papanova


„Līnija” („Line”) is a collection of womens shoes for active life in the city, as well as for travel and outdoor experience. The inspiration of shoe design came from Latvian wooden architecture, with its characteristic arrangement of wooden planks and lines’ rhythm. This rhythm of lines which was created with the help of outside stitches is shown in the upper part of the shoe. The design of the shoe consists of several parts which are varying with each other. The colour scheme for shoes has been based on analysis of the basic wood and nature shades.

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MD 324 Paula Dārta Lāce

every day bag "ZARO"

"ZARO" ir every day bag for student who goes to school, training and between of all that he eats. Size of a bag has been made so in it at the same time fits everything you need - computer, sports gear, water bottle and food boxes. Seams of bag shows the inspiration - tree branch.

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MD 320 Gita Pētersone

Women's footwear EASY STEP

The idea was inspired by dances - one of the Latvian traditional cultural heritages. Shoe design based on modified pastalas pattern. Footwear made of leather which developed in Latvia. Other materials: rubber strap and rubber sole, which placed in the form of Sun - Latvian sign.

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MD 318 Anna Dzērve

clutch bag collection "PUZURII"

Collection "PUZURII" includes 3 purses. Design is inspired by the Latvian decoration - puzur. These bags are for evenings and everyday life, mainly for young women as well as women in other age groups who support Latvian designers and are socially active. The materials selected are natural and fake leathers - making the bags both ecological and affordable for women of different ages and social statuses.

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MD 315 Monta Guliaka

"Tree shadows"

Bag collection “Koki ēnā” features simple, geometric shapes and is a perfect fit for any user may it be traveller or comfort lover. The bags are made from smooth cow leather. The graphic pattern inspired from tree branches found in Latvian nature is printed in silk screen technique using metallic colors, shiny coating and crease effect. The thick leather handles attached without the use of fittings are made to last a lifetime. Also a linen pouch is added which can be used as a pocket inside the bag or as a packaging for the bag.

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Rubik's Cube

Work developed six scarves (each 200 x 75cm) select traditional design technique that created inspired by the painter Piet Mondrian works of art. In addition to the black and white background using only the main colors of the spectrum: red, blue and yellow. White narrow lanes division of labor both horizontal and vertical directions, in part, forms the box works as pages with just a few primary colors stained panes. Scarves woven from merino and mohair yarn.

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Three sets of bags in bluish gray shades that are practical, intensive, high quality and durable, which protects to the content of the external environmental impact. Each kit includes a backpack (32 x 35 x 8 cm) shoulder bag (32 x 29 x 8cm) klača bag (32 x 16,5cm). The bags are woven patterned doubletextile technique. Bags used linen, leather and raw wool. Inspired by the 60s style and natural forms - pavement, turtle, wood bark. The target audience is those women who are learning, studying, or have an active lifestyle minded.

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