(LV) GBD 2015 Skolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija

RD 368 Andris Kreicburgs


Manufactured solution includes the possibility to disassemble and assemble unicycles, facilitating its transport. The offer opens up the possibility to combine one wheel into three- one wheel (beginner level), three wheels (standard) and five wheels (professionals). It will also facilitate adaptation to particular customer. Developed opportunity for the user to perform their own height adjustment with the help of fasteners.

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Wrist watch from wood "OVI"

Wrist watch from wood "OVI" created as an individual author's feelings and wishes in a combination of single facility. Creating the object, special attention is for the choice of materials and systems . Watch is designed from one-piece - face and body crafted from one material without clamping elements . There is five different dials. Each object created individual story, witch accept wooden inimitable pattern and hue.

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RD 310 Iļja Trušelis

Light object „Shuttlecock”

The aim- to create up-to-date and interesting light object that is associated with sport symbols, is functional and aesthetically attractive; to implement the idea of the work in the material professionally.
There is a standard lamp and a floor lamp made in a design sample. The floor lamp is set up on the wooden pad, it is imitating the shuttlecock at the moment of landing, but the standard lamp is set up on a light metal construction and is associated with a flight. The construction of a lampshade creates interesting light and shadow play.

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RD 308 Rūdolfs Štamers 2015. gada kvalifikācijas darbs


MOBILE KITCHEN intended for cooking in open air. It accomplishes three basic functions: the preparation of food, heat treatment and temporary storage. There are several features in order to ease the cooking process, including drawers of various dimensions, a locker and a cutting board usable from both sides.
Material – laminated plywood, stainless steel, steel
Project and work leader Ivars Drulle

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RD 306 Daniela Proškina


Light object group RHYTHM-functional product with possibility to modulate it, designed as lighting for space zoning and making atmosphere. It is made up of several individual lamps, with lightness and ability to change it introduces liveliness even in monotonous interior. Based on the existing ring sizes we can create a new variation of RHYTHM, adapting to the customer's needs. For prototype I used plastic rings in 3 sizes, cut with hole saw, fasteners-metal chain. In original version of RHYTHM plywood will be used instead of plastic thereby making it more environmentally friendly.

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RD 302 Harijs Vucens


Qualification work "The Lamp '' is meant for student hostel living premises, where two or three students live daily. Roommates' daily rhythms often do not coincide , and in the moments when someone needs bright lighting for studies, it interferes with the others' rest or sleep. Changing the position of the lamp's dome it is possible to divide the room in working and lounge areas with the help of the lighting , as well as to adjust the lighting intensity for everyday situations.
The project and work leader Ugis Gailis

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RD 300 Daina Šņore 2015.


KASHPO consists of two parts - Polymer bottom and china top, which allows kashpo to be used both indoors and outdoors, to disassemble and modify, use the parts together and separately.
The bottom serves as a tripod, a solid foundation, if the plants should be placed outside the room, allowing to lift higher, to bring out smaller plants.
Decorative indoor plants are intended to be placed at the china top that can be placed on the terrace or elsewhere outdoors, used as vases for cut flowers in summer.
Project and work leader Inese Petersone.

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RD 297 Elīza Sakniņa


Group is composed of oval-shaped dishes, deepened plates, designed for flounders, pout, herring and other fish caught in the Baltic sea. The dishes smallest compartments are designed for tiny fish bones, while the largest container’s flat surface – for placing bread. The set also includes a dish for additives and cups.
Dishes are prepared in collaboration with “Vaidava Ceramics” from Vaidava red clay, glazed. The group designed as supplement to the other product line set "Earth" that buyers known as qualitative, one-side glazed bowls of “Vaidava”.
Project and work leader Inese Petersone

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RD 279 Katrīna Šatalova


Tea set for herbal teas picked in Latvia.
. The author herself is from Aluksne , place where the family and friends are gathers for skiing at guest house’s " Paideri " sporting track " Mežinieki ". And that is the reason for creation the tea set. Nothing can overwhelm the feeling that the whole winter day spent in the field, on the hill, sitting by the fire with a steaming cup of herbal tea in hand! Mug is designed with a double wall to help retaining the heat, can’s handle is made to be held easily even with gloves on.
The material - porcelain.
Project and work leader– Daina Zvanitaja.

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RD 243 Elīna Kurakina


Living at the grandparents in the countryside in summer, the author realized that without a safe and good sink garden is impossible to be, because all the time fruits and berries must be rinsed, hands, after the work done in the garden, must be washed several times.
For the water supply, a garden hose from a water tap or tap room is accompanied to the sink. Water runoff - directly into the ground .
Work carried out in collaboration with the company FLO.
Material - Polymer, ash.

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RD 236 Aina Bikše

Fire place ,,Kursis'' 2015.

Foldable and easy to dismantle fire place “Kursis” solves the need for open fire in modern house, farmhouse or hotel. You can use it in winter as well as in summer time. “Kursis” will create a special atmosphere in cloudy weather or in starry night. It consists of five cast iron plates, which can be put
together without effort. In dismantled position “Kursis” easily fits in a special wooden box till the next time of use.
Material - cast iron

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