Skolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija 2014

GD 100 Pēteris Brosovs

Festival "Yard" poster

Festival "Yard" is made to support Latvian underground music. For visitors it has always been known as a place with enjoyable atmosphere and environment, where everybody feels good. The festival provides the opportunity to enjoy the artists and bands, but also for each of the guests to participate in various activities. "Yard" is characterized by: improvisational theater, sports, cinema, table football, "Jam" sessions, as well as other leisure activities. Poster design is based on the keywords: Nature, Freedom, Peace, Yard. Programes: Cinema 4D, Photoshop CS6

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GD 87 Nauris Jostsons


The making of the portfolio is based on the idea of laconic and functional porfolio, which would be able to reflect its contents
through its structure and technical solutions.
The content of the portfolio is divided into the following parts - photography (analog), interior and graphic design. Each of
these parts ar separated by sheets made of printed tracing paper. Material for these sheets is chosen to create an 'emotional'
bridge between the parts of the portfolio. A united grid layout design is used in all parts of the portfolio.

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GD 85 Elīna Zelča

Ziedoņdārzs Stories 2014

Ziedoņdārzs Stories - it's about meeting, about whispers and loud stories in the park. Logo creates that feeling what is sparkling between two persons who are sitting on a bench in park and telling each other unique stories which are flying in air like dandelion fluffs. Logo is included in design of homepage and playfully interacts with it, making sense of gentleness and variety of stories in graphic solution final product.

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GD 77 Dina Barisa

A cocktail of culture for everyone

The task was to create a graphic design "cocktail of culture" for each specialization which is offered by the Latvia Culture College at LAC. Latvia Culture College at LAC offers 16 specializations. I found the best things for each specialization that characterize them. My passion is drawing, the black and white drawing design combined with a bright glass seemed the most appropriate image of the college and what college would like to tell prospective students.

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GD 56 Elizabete Džeina Rubene

Latvian museum of Photography Graphic Design

The author developed a qualification papers Latvian Photography Museum, a
new museum posters, solo posters, logos, business cards design,
entrance tickets to design an invitation to a solo exhibition, museum
and fotokatalogu booklet as a souvenir.
Graphic design was applied in three fonts, three colors -
green, white, black. The focus of green color, creates the feeling that
every moment of every photo develops. White and black as the classic
values of the old and boring.
Created fotokatalogs named "Dandy Portfolio". Catalog consists of
black and white portraits.

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GD 45 Sibilla Rīna

Latvian museum of Architecture Graphic Design

Riga School of Art and Craft qualifying paper, the author developed a Latvian Museum of Architecture graphic design - the museum's logo, brochure homepage, poster and corporate gift. Working style is tailored to the theme and the architecture of the museum audience. The developed design has created a constructive and simple. Graphic design used to create the three primary colors - Magenta 100% Cyan 100%, 100% Black, used geometric shapes and details that are specific to architecture. The used font is a geometric Geometr706 Md. TL.

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