Skolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija 2014

RD 86 Viktorija Jarema

To Give

Latvian Art Academy, Functional design, MA diploma work, 2014.
People with Disabilities handmade, not only as a form of rehabilitation, but also the motivation to work, collaboration and type of income.
Product was done in collaboration with SCC "Riga" branch "Yugla” and their clients.
Have evaluated specificity of each craftsman`s disabilities and was selected the most suitable technique, so that the greatest part of the work could be done individually. Our result - two groups of dishes "Dot" and "Line", that draws attention with its external design not with pity.

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RD 62 Margita Anne Buiva

light object

The Qualification Work by Valmieras Secondary Art School Year 4 interior design student Margita Anna Buiva. The work was done as the request by SIA VESELĪBAS APRŪPES NEKUSTAMIE ĪPAŠUMI. Working out the interior for the ground floor's hall was part of the work, as well as creating the light objects in addition to the existing lights, which would create pleasant and aesthetic environment for a public place. When making the light objects the author was inspired by origami- the art of folding paper. The light object was designed from a module which geomterically combined forms a group of modules.

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RD 38 Irēna Ivanova

The Decorative shelf - "Moon Signs"

The decorative shelf designed within the diploma project of the Craft centre interior design in the area of the Dinaburg’s fortress. Inspired from the ethno motives and Latvian Ethnographic sign - the Moon. The Moon sign is associated with the military, from the fortress historical view. The moon is also seen as a protector of soldiers, and Moon signs are decorated more men, especially soldiers' clothes and jewelery. The decorative shelf provided for craftsmen production for exhibit or storage, it can also serve as a magazine and book rack.

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RD 36 Valentīna Roščupkina

Roller blinds "Numbers"

The author of diploma paper developed interior design for an accountant office. Everyday accountants regularly works with numbers, so they become the inspiration. Uncommon and decorative digital graphic composition use in roller blinds and elsewhere in the interior will bring a playful mood. Within the diploma paper the author created roller blinds, where the figure derives its leadership as an accent because of peaceful and light colors in the rest of the interior design.

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RD 26 Zane Kārkliņa

Coffee table "Shape of geometry"

Inspired by creative work of Victor Vazareli born the idea of coffee tabeles visual design.
Table reveals the geometric shape and the black and white color contrasts and vibrations. Engraving witch seperates colors and shapes makes the table more dimensional.
To reveal the base of the geometry used transparent glass for table surface. Table is ergonomic. At least four people can use the table comfortably.

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