Skolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija 2014

VD 41 Airita Vīksna

The object "Hares"

I wanted to creat unusual, breathtaking and playful mood by making this years Easter Decorations in Rezekne. All the joyfull colors and cheerful forms were used to show bunnies silhouettes. Style of bunny forms was build with sense of humor to atract attention of passing by people and make them want to participate and have a bit of fun. It was a first year, when Easter mood was scetched out on Rezekne`s public transport by portreying marry Easter Bunnies on vehicles. Buses traveled through the city and generated festive mood in every citizens heart.

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VD 39 Zane Kārkliņa, Lāsma Piruška

The object "Sun signs"

Rezekne City celebration of "Līgo" design idea is based on the Sun sign. The summer solstice has the shortest night of the year and the day more blessed by the sun. In Latvian folklore Midsummer is a celebration, when expressed gratitude to the sun, its light and warmth. This sign chosen because it symbolizes movement and life. Sun sign is geometrical and symmetrical. Used colors in object are bright and warm,to revive the urban environment and in order to bring more solar brightness.

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