Skolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija 2014

ID 54 Evita Viziņa

Lightweight board modular multifunctional kitchen

Kitch - original and successful solution for any type of room. Main reasons to use kitch are its compactness and multifunctionality. Everything that is needed is conjoined in compact manner and thanks to used material, we get visually massive but lightweight, durable and desirable freestanding kitchen floor cabinet modules. The sink and the hob is hidden under upheaveable covers. From the modules it is possible to combine freestanding kitchen islands and wall adjustable work zones. To make this material the use of wood is less than 60 percent.

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ID 35 Lāsma Piruška

Floral motives in privatе housе intеrior dеsign

The author of diploma paper has developed interior design for variety of private house rooms – small passage, living room, kitchen, hallway, wardrobe, bathroom, bedroom and cabinet. The concept was to develop interior design by using floral pattern and the direction was chosen on the basis of owners passion for flowers and the subjects topicality. Although floral use can be seen in almost every historical interior styles, today it has acquired a special significance in the application of time appropriate materials and technical capabilities of execution.

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