(LV) Skolu konkursa Dizaina arēna 2022 darbu galerija

VD 1286 Jūlija Grīnfelde

Interior design project Food court “129 flavors’’

The main idea of the project is to transform inoperative premises that used to house vehicle repair workshops into a catering centre. The food court will offer modern dining areas which will presumably be built using mobile cafe modules which can also be transported outside the building. There will be built-in kitchens in the modules, and next to them or on the module itself there will be dining areas to enjoy food for a variety of tastes. A stage for evening events is also proposed. The food court will be located in the centre of Daugavpils next to the sports hall. It will be easily accessible by car or on foot. The food court has a potential to develop into a perfect place for both local people and guests of the city to visit and relax at.


A1 planšete 3 gab.

Author contacts:

Author(s): Jūlija Grīnfelde
Author's e-mail: jgriinfelde@inbox.lv
Author's company: PIKC Daugavpils Dizaina un mākslas vidusskola "Saules skola"


Client's name: Ineta Auzāne, Juris Pundurs