(LV) Skolu konkursa Dizaina arēna 2022 darbu galerija

VD 1282 Irīna Ivanova

Interior design project Café “Commissioner Maigret”

The interior project is being developed for one of the oldest buildings in the centre of the city. In the 19th century the military command office and prosecutor’s office of the Daugavpils garrison were located inside the building. During Soviet era, this building housed the military commissariat and temporary detention isolator. The owner of the building wants to use the premises to create a cafe. The bakery will be located in a building nearby. There is a beautiful yard behind the stone fence where the owner plans to place a terrace. The aim of the project is to create a nice place for relaxing, adding it a little bit of French charm and aroma of pastries, but at the same time reminding about the previous function of the building, at least in the name of the café “Commissioner Maigret”.


A1 planšetes 3 gab.

Author contacts:

Author(s): Irīna Ivanova
Author's e-mail: irinasatrevica@inbox.lv
Author's company: PIKC Daugavpils Dizaina un mākslas vidusskola "Saules skola"


Client's name: Ineta Auzāne, Juris Pundurs