(LV) Skolu konkursa Dizaina arēna 2022 darbu galerija

VD 1271 Olga Artamonova

Interior design project Restoration workshops inthe Daugavpils Machinery and industrial design centre “Engineering Arsenal”

“Engineering Arsenal” is located inside the Daugavpils fortress. It was built from 1840 until 1844 and is an architectural monument of national significance. Historically, this building was used for manufacturing as well as repairing armament equipment and tools. The restored premises of the Engineering arsenal are being used to establish the “Machinery and industrial design centre”. There are plans to set up workshops for restoration of the exhibits in the premises adjacent to the building, which were not included in this stage of restoration. There is also an intention to include premises for workshops, a warehouse, craftsmen and employees in the project. Restauration workshops will be open for viewing for museum visitors because the restoration process is captivating and interesting.


planšetes A1, 3 gab.

Author contacts:

Author(s): Olga Artamonova
Author's e-mail: olgaart123@mail.ru
Author's company: PIKC Daugavpils Dizaina un mākslas vidusskola ''Saules skola"


Client's name: Ineta Auzāne, Juris Pundurs