(LV) Skolu konkursa Dizaina arēna 2022 darbu galerija

SD 1276 Anna Ļedovska

Riga Zoo visual identity

The aim of the work is to create a new and modern logo for the Riga Zoo, an overall
visual identity and its guidelines in order to attract more new customers and promote
international recognition. The most significant findings are related to the new knowledge acquired. Additional
experience and skills have been gained through the process both in practical work with
computer programs, in the process of structuring work and time planning.

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SD 1262 Viktorija Čible

Visual identity for the Machinery and industrial heritage centre “Engineering Arsenal”

Engineering Arsenal is a new centre of Machinery and Industrial Heritage which is located in Daugavpils Fortress. The Exposition of the museum demonstrates the technical development of a certain period in history. The solution of the visual identity is closely related with the object.The design concept of the Engineering Arsenal was created by combining two components –the composition of part of the ramp of the building and the title in bulky block font.The textual part of the logotype does not contain spaces which creates a sense of stability, is associated with heavy machinery.The letters form a rhythm which states that the Engineering Arsenal is a museum where the visitors can combine research an entertainment.The project contains a logo, applied graphics and souvenirs.

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SD 1260 Sendija Smilga

A set of POP-UP cards

An attempt to revive the tradition of giving/sending greeting cards, making the holidays more hearty and fun. In this case, unusual holidays or days of celebration included in the calendar are used. The set includes 8 POP_UP cards (97 X 171 mm) with a pop-up surprise corresponding to the specific holiday, envelope, packaging, digital stickers for mobile phoneSvētku dienas:

• World Sleep Day
• World Penguin Day
• World French Fries Day
• Watermelon Day
• Sandwich day
• International Whipped Cream Day
• Bubble wrap day
• World Emoji Day.

Materials used for cards and packaging: digital printing CMYK 4+4, paper 250 – 280 g/m2.

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