(LV) Skolu konkursa Dizaina arēna 2022 darbu galerija

SD 1370 Ketija Skarbovska

Visual identity for a homemaker of food products

Visual identity, representative materials and label designs for a small-scale food homemaker. Unique illustrations were created, taking into account the variety of products and the wishes of the customer. The homemaker's logo concept was created by playing with the family surname "Ozoliņi", as well as the illustrative elements of the cranberrys and quince, based on the homemaker's personal story and vision of their future brand. The colors and illustrations of each product label are personalized for the product content. The designs of the labels and representative materials are made keeping in mind production in small personalized batches, thus saving the client's resources.

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SD 1368 Agate Briņece

Graphic identity for "Merķeļa druka"

The graphic identity was created for the "Merķeļa druka" brand of the printing company SIA Areatech, after studying the company, its environment, history, getting to know the company's values, recognizing its needs, goals and customers.
Subtle, but with expressive use of shapes and black and white colors, the logo and overall identity reveals the essence of the company - reliability, clarity, precision, everything necessary and nothing redundant.
The representative materials show variation, experimenting with the transformations of the logo shape, but maintaining its distinguishing quality and compliance with the visual guidelines. All identity materials are realized with the technologies and equipment available for “Merķeļa druka”.

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SD 1361 Katrīne Kate Kucina Arbidāne

Art and design collection ''Do You Wonder"

Do You Wonder is an art and design collection about dreams. It is a way to promote my publicity on social media and to introduce myself to the international design market. I communicate with viewers, then make animations out of the dreams they tell me about. You can view the collection on Instagram account “Do You Wonder” (@do_you_wonder_).
I made the collection's graphic identity (logo design, typeface, business card), supplemented with promotional materials (stickers, Whatsapp stickers, composite T-shirts and fabric bags). I also came up with a dream diary, where dreams can be written down, illustrated and analyzed.
My art style is noticeable all through this work - hand drawn, authentic effect, simple lines and squares.

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SD 1359 Paula Anna Lazdiņa

Visual identity for handcraft artist Daiga Melnace

The main task of the work is to create a set of designs for the costume maker Daiga Melnace, which is in its own way special and distinct from the other analogues. The logo shows an insect called Saiva, which was found accidentally in search of pictorial materials for other logo designs. Like insects, the client is always in motion, always creating something new quickly and neatly, so the idea of a woman and her insect came up. The products are intended to be used by closing the packaging boxes in which the products will be placed or by placing a stamp on the price mark or packaging paper. A Facebook page background images were also created that customer will be able to change at any time. A set of representative materials is made of nature-friendly materials: paper, paperboard, wood, etc.

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SD 1311 Ksenija Bukova

Let's Do It Yourself

Ksenija Bukova, the author of the qualification work "Let's Do It Yourself", has created
a photo series about painted clothes, which is created by the company PaintWear.lv. This
photo series includes close-up, mid-plan, and close-up photos of painted clothes, painting
details and clothing on the model itself. The work is created from the point of view of the
observer with some staged photos. "Let's Do It Yourself" was created at a time when young
people are trying to create their own style of dress, taking care of the uniqueness of their
The author

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SD 1310 Renāte Žamaite

Le Real Vintage

As part of the work, visual content has been developed for Le Real Vintage by applying a cinematic approach. The visual material is going to be used for advertising and publicity on social media platforms. The company sells high-quality, well-known brand clothing, promoting the secondary clothing market. The author planned a total of 8 photo sessions and collaborated with 16 models. A selection of the best photos of the project is compiled in the format of a portfolio book.

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SD 1309 Ralfs Cimermanis

The Bro Models

Within the framework of the qualification paper, model portfolio photographs
were developed for the models of "The Bro Models" agency applying an internationally
topical approach. In collaboration with 11 agency models, two makeup artists, and five
clothing designers, a personalized photoshoot was planned for each model. A selection
of the best photos of the project is summarized in portfolio book format and,
additionally, model business cards have been created for each model individually.

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SD 1305 Katrīna Bināte

Visual identity HUBERTS

The aim of the work is to create a new visual identity for the hunting equipment store
Huberts, which would promote recognition, attract new customers and strengthen the company’s visual image, portraying it as sustainable and modern supplier of active leisure equipment.

Concept - The idea of ​​the logo is inspired by the story of the protector of hunters St. Hubert, who on the morning of Good Friday came across a beautiful deer with a shining cross above its antlers. For the new logo of Huberts, a stylized deer head was created, which would more represent the hunting sphere and the story and meaning of the store's name, additionally highlighting values ​​such as professionalism, availability and quality.

Link to work presentation:

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SD 1300 Arianda Lačinova

Video game “DMart”

The work "Dmart" is created in the style of pixel graphics, which, in its own way, is a reference to the games of the 80s/90s. In an environment dominated by hyperrealism and more powerful graphics devices, the pixel graphic style has recently experienced its renaissance, mainly due to the so-called "indie" studios. Such a visual style gives players a unique experience in the gaming process, because due to the small number of pixels, there is more that can be interpreted by the person himself, using his imagination “to fill in the gaps”. The exact niche from which the PC game "DMart" is inspired is the "RPGMaker" era of horror games, which had a greater emphasis on dark stories and relatively simple game mechanics.

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SD 1298 Stella Ote

Manifest for Valmiera Industrial design museum - Timeline

The timeline of the industrial design manifesto was created reflecting the development of industrialization and the Valmiera as a commercial and industrial city. The goal of the timeline is to draw the attention of local residents, investors and municipal authorities, depicting Valmiera's company, industry achievements, processes and their importance, as well as a potential place for Valmiera's industrial design museum. In the design process to reflect the industrial style where used industrial design sketch, the principles of contrasts between areas, shapes and texts and graphic design principles. Timeline can be used in exterior and the interior, emphasizing each of the most significant achievements of the industrial period.

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series of photographs "Antisocial, Weird or Displaced?"

The work is based on Laurija Helga's book "The Power of Introvert". Laurija Helga is an American psychologist who studies introversion. The photos show light drawings taken with a long exposure time. The author is introverted and ocassionally spends time alone. In the photos, she creates images that are her imaginary friends. The work is created at night, because the author prefers night walks alone. The images do not depict any particular person, as the author believes that they can be friends for everyone. The images are drawn with a light object, they are created with simplified shapes, because not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. The author had the opportunity to be in the photo with her images without being shy from the camera.

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SD 1295 Dagnis Stikāns

An animated shortfilm “5P3L3”

Relationships between people in the family, their inclusion in the state and political life, the level of empathy, the struggle with addictions – all these have been important topics at all times. Even nowadays a part of the society continues to live in primeval state
- it happens, for example, in moments of crisis, in decisive situations of political life, in daily interactions with each other, in the attitude towards the surrounding environment and not only. The short film tells about addictions, which, when they disappear, cause changes in a person's behavior, thus that person experiences a certain discomfort.

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SD 1294 Patrīcija Krūmiņa

Creation of a Visual Concept for Mathematics Books

The description of the concept and its realization: Most of the mathematics teaching materials - books and textbooks design for schools are outdated, it lacks a modern vision, therefore the concept of visual design of six mathematics books, a set of animated images and interactive aids for teachers have been created in the qualification work. Geometric shapes are animated and assigned human characteristics. Images will make it possible to make the mathematics learning process more engaging. The teacher will be able to use animation and other aids for teaching in the process, making it more creative and suitable for children. The work is based on the newly developed competency approach curriculum in the country "School 2030".


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SD 1279 Kristiāna Lazda


The print design "UNDERGROUND" was created based on "Valmiera 2027", the artistic strategy - "cultivate and strengthen the depth of culture as well as the perspective of its width''. The design was inspired by the underground music style, their supporters and fans dresscode. Design prints of Valmiera's underground bands quote's are reflected with the help of illustrations
of the most successful and popular songs. The aim is to depict the presence of subculture through the ages in Valmiera and the region.
The color combinations of the design were created under the influence of Bauhaus stylistics, which resonates with undergroud ideology.

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SD 1278 Maija Skujiņa

Displays Valmiera county!

Series of informative, interactive bottle labels and packaging design for the production of SIA "Valmiermuižas alus". Target audience - explorers and discoverers. Main goal to create interest in the Valmiera region and to to highlighting the artists as a value in the cultural and historical heritage. The design of the labels was created to highlight and introduce touristic places, cultural and historical objects and manors in the Valmiera region. People are encouraged to spend time with loved ones and friends by making memories and promoting the joy of travel. The design of the labels uses motifs from the works of Gustav Klucis and influenced by the architecture of Valmiera buildings and manors.

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SD 1277 Laura Voitkeviča, Markuss Ādamsons

Valmieras European Capital of culture 2027 mobile application. Application iconography and “Lost Valmiera’’ design.

The goal is to create a smartphone app that would promote tourism activity and popularize events and sights in Valmiera region. The design was inspired by the stylistics of the artist Gustavs Klucis. Graphic solutions were made aesthetically attractive and user-friendly. The purpose of the app is also to learn about history. In the section "Lost Valmiera" are collected historical photos, but the augmented reality gives the impression of the presence of the non-existent old town. The icons were created inspired by the architectural style of the city of Valmiera, which resonates with the features of constructivism and functionalism. The used color palette, principles of angles and proportions 1:3; 1:5 where inspired by Gustavs Klucis art works.

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SD 1276 Anna Ļedovska

Riga Zoo visual identity

The aim of the work is to create a new and modern logo for the Riga Zoo, an overall
visual identity and its guidelines in order to attract more new customers and promote
international recognition. The most significant findings are related to the new knowledge acquired. Additional
experience and skills have been gained through the process both in practical work with
computer programs, in the process of structuring work and time planning.

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SD 1275 Patriks Gulbis

"RILAK" visual identity

The aim of the work is to create a new and industry-appropriate brand visual identity.
To create cohesive label design system that combines RILAK's extensive products. The most important conclusions are that qualification work has been a good professional
test for the skills acquired in the Advertising Design Education Programme, as well as good
experience with a real customer and seeing what you have done.

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SD 1272 Dārta Zane Jēgere

The Perfect Valmierian

"The Perfect Valmierian" poster and postcard designs created with the aim of reflecting the problems and values of Valmiera city and region in an ironic way.
Project based from the point of view of a Valmierian. Valmiera branding, identity and Gustavs Klucis collage technique composition and colors used as a source of inspiration.
Elements of the collage in the work are created using newspapers found in Valmiera region. The target audience of the project are young people from Valmiera with their own sense of humor who collect postcards, pictures, posters, festival tickets and others
trinkets, personalizing their personal space. The product encourages conversations and offers a place for interpretation and discussion of Valmiera county.

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SD 1270 Liene Slaidiņa

Valmiera Municipality manor color book for children

The coloring book for children were created to convey the wonderful stories of historical manors in the Valmiera region. The main goal is to educate the younger generation in an interactive way, using tasks and illustrations that can be colored to create a pleasant experience being with the family. The goal is to create an educational coloring book, allowing children to get to know the specific manor, learning about the architecture and stories that enrich the culture of Valmiera, as well as promote the interest of tourists and occupy the younger generation. The style of the coloring book is based on the Valmiera identity guidelines.

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SD 1265 Darja Petroviča

A set of packaging for a picnic “For friends and family”

A picnic is a popular form of entertainment, when family or friends who love a great time get together. This is what sparked the idea of creating packaging for a picnic for three groups.The set is intended for beachgoers, fishermen and vacationers, who love convenient and practical packaging as well as aesthetic design. The graphic design was inspired by drawings of P. Picasso and D. Halagen-Lake. The logotype consists of a calligraphic inscription and symbol of the sun, which denotes warmth and creativity. The packaging is complemented with quotes of famous writers, philosophers and poets about the perfection and beauty of the nature. The material used is cardboard – nature friendly, ecological and easily recyclable material. The cluster of packaging is completed with a recipe book.

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SD 1262 Viktorija Čible

Visual identity for the Machinery and industrial heritage centre “Engineering Arsenal”

Engineering Arsenal is a new centre of Machinery and Industrial Heritage which is located in Daugavpils Fortress. The Exposition of the museum demonstrates the technical development of a certain period in history. The solution of the visual identity is closely related with the object.The design concept of the Engineering Arsenal was created by combining two components –the composition of part of the ramp of the building and the title in bulky block font.The textual part of the logotype does not contain spaces which creates a sense of stability, is associated with heavy machinery.The letters form a rhythm which states that the Engineering Arsenal is a museum where the visitors can combine research an entertainment.The project contains a logo, applied graphics and souvenirs.

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SD 1261 Elīna Izmailovska

Virtual exhibition “Kovidtelpa”

Visitors of this exhibition have the opportunity to look into private rooms of people. In these rooms visitors can look into everyday life during Covid when it learning was remote, shops were closed and many were working from home. Visiting rooms you can feel the mood of every character that shows how different we are and how we deal with such situations. To some this time was very hard but others also have barely felt any changes in their everyday life. It is possible while looking at this exhibition you may find yourself in the characters.
The exhibition is envisaged as a website when fully functional.
Link to animated prototype: www.ej.uz/a54b

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SD 1260 Sendija Smilga

A set of POP-UP cards

An attempt to revive the tradition of giving/sending greeting cards, making the holidays more hearty and fun. In this case, unusual holidays or days of celebration included in the calendar are used. The set includes 8 POP_UP cards (97 X 171 mm) with a pop-up surprise corresponding to the specific holiday, envelope, packaging, digital stickers for mobile phoneSvētku dienas:

• World Sleep Day
• World Penguin Day
• World French Fries Day
• Watermelon Day
• Sandwich day
• International Whipped Cream Day
• Bubble wrap day
• World Emoji Day.

Materials used for cards and packaging: digital printing CMYK 4+4, paper 250 – 280 g/m2.

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SD 1259 Jānis Maksimovs

Graphic identity for the company SIA "TRASHPRODUCTION FILMS"

Development of a new graphic identity for an existing company SIA "TRASHPRODUCTION FILMS", which is engaged in filming films, music clips and commercials. The new graphic identity has been developed with the aim of improving the overall image of the company, thereby promoting its recognition among other similar companies. The developed identity includes the creation of a new logo, office supplies (personal and company business cards, envelopes, letterheads, notepad printing, stationery printing, company ID cards), as well as individual items printing design offers. Director's chair, T-shirt, car, caps, etc. subject print design was also produced. A new website design offer has been created.

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SD 1257 Niks Zāraks

Animated music video “Choices”

Apraksts - koncepts, mērķis, materiāli utt EN * (400–800 rakstzīmes)
The theme of this project is about choices – is it right to choose the wrong path. The protagonist Glen is a recently deceased son of a scientist. To save the son the scientist chooses a path that the world is categorically against. The only way to save Glen is to move his consciousness to cluster of feelings. This device allows to upload the memories of a person to an endo-skeleton. The leadership of the world, just when the work was done, deployed military airplanes to destroy this experiment. I am the author of both the animation and music. Link to music video: www.ej.uz/sa2e

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SD 1256 Anija Aizkalne

Animated short film “Soulsearch”

The story takes place in an abandoned city where all the people have disappeared for an unknown reason. The only inhabitant is a ghost that lives in a tv set at a local pub. He feels burnt out because at a place that was full of life there is no one to even scare a little bit. The name comes from combination of word soul-searching that describes the process where someone analyses his emotion, thoughts and values. In the context of the short film the main protagonist is a soul that is looking for his place in a world that is no longer the way it was.
Link to short film: www.ej.uz/hdxt

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SD 1255 Amanda Krūmiņa

Product print and website design for brand “Sober party”

I created logo website design and product print design for brand “Sober party”. “Sober party” is my imagined brand that is sells nonalcoholic beverages, more specifically, sparkling tonics. The goal of my brand is to create a vibrant and eye catching design that would appeal to young people and others that enjoy good looking packaging. The drinks are meant to be used at parties by people who don`t want to use alcoholic drinks. The drinks have vibrant designs and illustrations that as conversations starters about the strange names of the drinks and illustrations.

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