(LV) Skolu konkursa Dizaina arēna 2022 darbu galerija

VD 1379 Sabrīna Kristiāna Nagle, Sintija Stāde

Conceptual design proposal of Children's entertainment center "SAGARA"

The qualification work addresses the interior design proposal for the children's entertainment centre in Ventspils. The project was developed on the basis of the plan of City Council to create a real centre in the former ship repair factory building located in Kr. Valdemara Street 12a. The concept of work is inspired by the city of Ventspils and its significant objects. The name "Sagara" was chosen because in the 13th century the territory of Ventspils county was called that. The layout of the building is formed as a stylised map for city part, where the river Venta flows into the sea. The venta winds through the whole entertainment zone part, symbolically dividing it into two shores containing important tourist objects of city. All objects are designed as attractions for children.

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VD 1378 Patrīcija Pudzēna, Laura Čikste, Ērihs Zaharāns

Conceptual design proposal of Children's entertainment center "PAKZEME"

The qualification work addresses the interior design proposal for the children's entertainment centre in Ventspils. The project was developed on the basis of the plan of Ventspils City Council to create a real centre in the former ship repair factory building located in Kr. Valdemara Street 12a. The concept based on the video game “Pac-man” which gained its popularity in the 90s. With the theme of this concept, it is possible to get more attention from tourists, because the game itself has been popular and is known to the public. The interior is saturated with “Pac-man” game aesthetic and style accents. The entertainment centre will be built in an industrial style, combined with a retro style of play, leaving the industrial feeling and fit into an environmental context, the harbour area.

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VD 1377 Valters Biernis, Ieva Domuleva

Conceptual design proposal of Children's entertainment center "GŌVS"

The qualification work addresses the interior design proposal for the children's entertainment centre in Ventspils. The project was developed on the basis of the plan of Ventspils City Council to create a real centre in the former ship repair factory building located in Kr. Valdemara Street 12a. Process technological Innovation is a full-fledged 3D work and presentation model (ArchiCAD/Enscape).
The concept of work is inspired by Ventspils and its contemporary symbols - sea, coast, port, ship, pier, wave breaker. One of the city's best known symbols is the cow and Kurzeme is the place of origin for the blue cow of Latvia. Because of its bluish colour, it is also known as sea and moon cow.

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VD 1375 Kristiāns Graudiņš

Bērzmuiža’s reception, suite and exhibition hall’s interior project

The interior project of "Bērzmuiža" visually reflects the history of the building.
Receptions interior on the 1st floor is designed based on the needs of everyday users: manor guests, visitors of the exhibition hall and staff. The concept of the 1st floor (Golden memories) is based on the period of nobility, which is expressed in concrete and gold. The concept of the 2nd floor (Ciao and bye) suite is based on the comfort of visitors and reflects the school's existence in the premises of the manor. In the interior wood interacts with curved shapes and lightness, inspired by birches.
The concept of the 3rd floor exhibition hall (Stīgo) is based on the present of the manor. Emphasis is put on light, transparent stands and exposed roof structures, which symbolise the pursuit of development.

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VD 1369 Kārlis Kalnakārklis

Family and friends recreation centre ''Meadows''

Given the building's architecture solve the interior with vertical communications.
Public space- first-story cafe but second- children's playground.
The parents have a chance to relax while the younger children play
in the indoor playground, but the older kids explore the surrounding meadows' territory.
The plan of the first-floor space is to have the perception of nature while comfortably sitting inside and overlooking the territory.
Materials used in the interior: Polished concrete floors, white, painted ceilings, white, painted slats, and opaque glass interior walls are comprised of three levels.

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VD 1358 Elīna Kristiāna Rītere

"Cido group"

“Cido Grupas” office interior design project includes a reception area, working area, a product showroom and a conference room, 207.1 m2 in total. The space is designed to provide a versatile working environment. The office space has active work area and a free work area, which creates a relaxed atmosphere. The multifunctional furniture makes the space easily transformable. The aesthetics reflect the essence of the company, encourage productive and creative work and provide a homely feeling.
The colours chosen for the interior are bright, juicy and motivating, like Cido's processed products and extracted juices.
The finishes are based on three different materials - wood, wallpaper and high quality Sadolin paint.
The project was made using ArchiCAD, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

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VD 1357 Linards Gusts Balodis

Kuldigas Youth House interior design project

The project aims to create functional, attractive, youth-attracting interior design for the home premises of the young people of Kuldiga. The project addresses activity and relaxing areas with sports games, board games, a reading room with open and semi-closed reading areas, and a universal WC. The whole project addresses environmental accessibility.
Design inspiration comes from the results of visitor questionnaires. The design is made with wild colors and shapes inspired by the Memphis style that emerged as a protest against everything right, intertwining with young people's desire to protest. Regarding Kuldiga's architecture, exposed brick walls and ceiling structures are included in the interior. Sadolin paint is used to color the walls

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VD 1346 Juliana Fjodorova-Saveļjeva

Development of the interior design of the rest area of the Daugavpils apartment and utility company

One of the cornerstones of the development of the interior design of the recreation area of the Daugavpils apartment and utility company, located on Kauņas Street, was to create an environment where employees can relax and have a meal. The rooms to be designed are located in the basement, so according to the wishes of the employees, the rooms were designed in a light gamut, which was perfectly matched to the Sadolin Ambience color palette using the blue bright skies T0.10.70 tone and the gray ON.00.49 tone. To create a feeling of well-being and an abundance of light, pipe patterned wallpaper was created, which depicts the company's scope, introducing playfulness into the room.

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VD 1340 Simona Iranoviča

Rescue call

The educational-active recreational game “Rescue call” teaches you to take care of the safety of you and the surrounding people and encourages both children and parents to work together.

The game was designed related with the firefighters, focusing on the rescue phone numbers. A question is asked in the game, there are two answers (true/false), when you reply with a water jet, the answer appears: green - right, red - wrong.

The water is pumped with balance swing and discharged through the hose, simulating the process of fire extinguishing.

For this environmental object aesthetic I used different elements from firefighters and kids favorite playground activity - balance swing.

A prototype of the object has been created, using plywood and CNC cutter, matte varnish, water-based paint.

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VD 1304 Inese Kagaine

City bar

Projects aim is to make interior space with variable mood and functional change during the day(bar/restaurant).
Interior space is divided in 5 areas: transit area, wardrobe area, dining area, restroom area and bar area. As main interior space visual centerpiece is bar.
In this interior project there are 3 artificial light sources: pendant lamps, spotlights and wall light panels.
Interior space aesthetic solution was to use already existing materials: exposed red brick, metal elements and conrete. This building was included in once existing perfumery factories complex “H.A.Brieger”. Because of that as interior decors I used vintege factories posters and perfume bottles.
In this interior space you can feel as though you are in city bar, keeping buildings historical arhitectural elements.

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VD 1303 Jūlija Gžibovska

Cafes - bar "THE WALL" interior design project

The cafe-bar are located in the village of "Naujene" in Latgale. The name "THE WALL" originated from the owners' desire to preserve the historic wall of the building with arched windows and doorways. The interior was created in an eclectic style, combining country, loft, minimalist features and simple country coziness in a tasteful and functional design. Inspired by the nature of Latgale, natural finishing materials were widely used in the interior, which gives it warmth and accentuates the nature of the Latvian mentality. The promotion of local rural tourism is relevant because it is disappearing as a result of modern globalization. It is important to preserve and develop existing historical heritage, as a result - jobs will be created and the influx of tourists will be encouraged.

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VD 1293 Žanna Ivanova

Interior design project Residencies of the Jaunbūve water tower

City of Daugavpils has historically developed as an industrial centre. There are industrial buldings from different eras. The project offers a proposal for making use of a water tower in the Jaunbūve district. The building is intended for the following premises: artist residencies, viewing area and a space for creative workshops for societies of city districts as well as local residents. In the project, the building is divided into two functioning parts. One is intended for the stairs, the other one – for the office and residencies. The water reservoirs are to be dismantled. It is proposed to build four floors in the tower. The office will be on the ground floor, next two floors up will house artist residencies, top floor is for exhibition gallery with skylight installed in the roof.

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VD 1289 Anastasija Bortkeviča

Cafe "Luna" interior design project

The interior project for the "Luna" cafe is located in the center of Daugavpils. The interior design project is dominated by contrasting colors that perfectly complement each other. Public catering outside the home is one of the main core sectors in the hotel and service industry, where the customer is at the center of everything. The cafe should be comfortable and attractive for visitors, both big and small, so that they visit it with pleasure and desire to return. The visitor appreciates the general atmosphere and design of the room created by the choice of furniture - they should be beautiful, comfortable, durable and easy to maintain. A luxurious interior design of the cafe was solved with the current color contrast, keeping the logo and red color, creating a modern room composition.

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VD 1286 Jūlija Grīnfelde

Interior design project Food court “129 flavors’’

The main idea of the project is to transform inoperative premises that used to house vehicle repair workshops into a catering centre. The food court will offer modern dining areas which will presumably be built using mobile cafe modules which can also be transported outside the building. There will be built-in kitchens in the modules, and next to them or on the module itself there will be dining areas to enjoy food for a variety of tastes. A stage for evening events is also proposed. The food court will be located in the centre of Daugavpils next to the sports hall. It will be easily accessible by car or on foot. The food court has a potential to develop into a perfect place for both local people and guests of the city to visit and relax at.

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Architectural solutions and creation of reconstruction design for Liepaja Central scientific library on Kungu street 12, Zivju street 7

The reconstruction of Liepāja Central scientific library complements the existing building with a new construction volume, which includes the historical building next to the library, creating a balanced building composition.

The source of inspiration for the volume of the building is the decorative forms that result from the damage caused by book pests, the building has a glazed façade with decorative wood paneling. On the ground floor there is a wardrobe, a spacious lobby, a café, an exhibition room and an area for a children's library. The second floor offers a library facilities for adults, e-reading rooms and classrooms. The third floor is planned for silence - with individual reading rooms, book storage and conference room.

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Creation of interior design for the reading area of Liepaja central scientific library on Zivju street 7

The interior design project for the entrance area of the first floor of Liepāja Central scientific library focuses on providing public areas – a wardrobe, an exhibition hall, an event and conference room, a transit area, facilities, as well as auxiliary rooms for employees.

The interior is inspired by the rhythms of the lines that can be seen on the bookshelves. They appear in the arrangement of interior elements and decoration materials. The exhibition hall is suitable for placing both permanent and variable exposition with transformable exhibition stands and variable lighting.

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VD 1282 Irīna Ivanova

Interior design project Café “Commissioner Maigret”

The interior project is being developed for one of the oldest buildings in the centre of the city. In the 19th century the military command office and prosecutor’s office of the Daugavpils garrison were located inside the building. During Soviet era, this building housed the military commissariat and temporary detention isolator. The owner of the building wants to use the premises to create a cafe. The bakery will be located in a building nearby. There is a beautiful yard behind the stone fence where the owner plans to place a terrace. The aim of the project is to create a nice place for relaxing, adding it a little bit of French charm and aroma of pastries, but at the same time reminding about the previous function of the building, at least in the name of the café “Commissioner Maigret”.

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Creation of interior design for the reading area of Liepaja central scientific library on Zivju street 7

The interior design of the reading room on the 3rd floor of Liepāja Central scientific Library has been solved in the project. The concept of the interior is inspired by the imaginative journey that reading books can provide. The passage and movement of time is taken as the basis for the circular composition of the room and the arrangement of the furniture.

The reading area's work zones are located by the windows to make the most of daylight. Natural finishing materials have been chosen for the interior – glass, wood, polished concrete, which are supplemented with calm green tones creating a laconic, balanced atmosphere.

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VD 1271 Olga Artamonova

Interior design project Restoration workshops inthe Daugavpils Machinery and industrial design centre “Engineering Arsenal”

“Engineering Arsenal” is located inside the Daugavpils fortress. It was built from 1840 until 1844 and is an architectural monument of national significance. Historically, this building was used for manufacturing as well as repairing armament equipment and tools. The restored premises of the Engineering arsenal are being used to establish the “Machinery and industrial design centre”. There are plans to set up workshops for restoration of the exhibits in the premises adjacent to the building, which were not included in this stage of restoration. There is also an intention to include premises for workshops, a warehouse, craftsmen and employees in the project. Restauration workshops will be open for viewing for museum visitors because the restoration process is captivating and interesting.

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VD 1269 Anastasija Jankovska

Interior design project of the architects' office in Daugavpils

The object to be designed is located in Daugavpils, Rīgas street 48. As part of the qualification work, an interior design solution was developed for the office of architects, where the new specialists will work. The office has an open plan, so that it is convenient for young specialists to work on the project in cooperation with each other. As a result of the re-planning of the premises, a supporting pillar was left in the middle of the room, around which the functional plan of the interior was created - four work tables were placed. As a result, a spacious and bright office design was developed, with an accent of wood and mirror elements in cell shapes

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VD 1263 Endija Viktorija Barkauska

Wild beehive

In consultation with the representative of the Latvian Apiculture Society, a functional solution was developed for the wild bee hotel in the territory of Berzmuiza Park. These bees are solitary, do not collect honey and are brilliant pollinating agents. The solution consists of a plant container where insects have the ability to find food more easily and which simultaneously attracts them to their likely headquarters. Under the plant container is a water container, a container that allows excess humidity to drain from the plants and enables insects to drink without drowning. Under the water container is a roof that protects wood blocks during rain, which is an insect headquarters with drilled holes facing the center.
The project has a prototype on a scale of 1: 1.

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VD 1246 Šarlote Īva Štālhute


The aim of the work-create an interior design for a private house in Zurich, Switzerland, built in a hillside with panoramic windows overlooking the city. The house is built into a hill, so the aim of the interior design was to create the feeling of being in a cave, where the space is in dialogue with the context and tradition, but at the same time with elegance and conciseness. The interior is inspired by prehistoric - the Neolithic, how the project Name was made. The private house is designed in such a way that its inhabitants are closely connected to the mountain environment, where the spaces allow for disconnection from the outside world, reboot and recharge for each new day. Inspired by the Alps' natural materials, colours and elements, tradition marries with modernity.

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VD 1240 Lauma Freimane

The aura of an ancient barn

The design project was created for a barn built at the end of the 19th century, which will turn into a residential house in Taurupe parish. The main goal of the project was to create a living space embodying the idea of ecology. An important aspect was to preserve the existing building structures, as historic restoration can return the structure to its original appearance while making it energy efficient and increasing its value. Environmentally friendly materials were used in the interior design. The wall was treated with the oldest painting material - white lime. Wooden boards are used in the ceiling, which represents the former barn ceiling. The building is dominated by wood, and industrial style details were created as a contrast.

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