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(LV) LDS BD 2017 Skolu konkursa darbu galerija

SD 617 Karīna Nikolajeva

The souvenirs collection „RIGA ZOO”

The souvenirs collection „RIGA ZOO” is a set of ecologic souvenirs with „Hand drawn” styled images of Riga Zoo animals, including T-shirts, backpacks, noteblocks, calendars, magnets, key-chains, bookmarks, toys and table games.
To create the design graphics for the collection the author has chosen the most popular animals for stylization. Upon the research results there were identified several favourite animals and created their images.. Each of the animals has a unique face expression and a pose.
The created images are applied in printing items and souvenirs. Ecological materials like ecological cardboard, jute thread, cotton fabric, what are environment friendly and pleasant to the touch were used to create the work accomplished with carefully thought-out colour solutions.


Komplekts sastāv no 20 priekšmetiem: 3 T-krēkli, 3 krūze, 10 magnēti, 10nozīmītes, 10 piekariņi, 3 uzlīmes, sienas kalendārs, galda kalendārs, mugursoma, grāmatzīmes, blociņš, galda spēle, atmiņas spēle, rotaļlietas, iepakojums


Daugavpils Dizaina un mākslas vidusskola "Saules skola"

Author contacts:

Author(s): Karīna Nikolajeva
Author's e-mail: saules.skola@saules.lv
Author's company: Daugavpils Dizaina un mākslas vidusskola "Saules skola"
Author's website: http://www.saules.lv

Teacher (for school competition):

Maksims Kuļgajevs, Natālija Artjušina


Client's name: Daugavpils Dizaina un mākslas vidusskola "Saules skola"