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(LV) LDS BD 2017 Skolu konkursa darbu galerija

LD 603 Elīza Jaunzeme

T shirts ,,Latvian montains''

Qualification work, implemented five men's shirts - '' Latvian mountains '', which is the author's contribution to the Latvian centenary. On shirts depicted stylized Latvian mountains with their names and a graphic scale, indicating the mountain height measurements above sea level, which is ironical in its own way, about how they are '' big '' in the world's mountain context. Pegman on the T-shirt symbolizes the persistent Latvians, who in spite of the mountain deficit in our little land, wants to climb them all. For those who want to climb higher!


XL, 5krekli


Jānis Brants

Author contacts:

Author(s): Elīza Jaunzeme
Author's e-mail:
Author's company: PIKC RDMV
Author's website: http://nav

Teacher (for school competition):

Māra Avotniece


Client's name: PIKC RDMV