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(LV) LDS BD 2017 Skolu konkursa darbu galerija

ID 583 Toms Voronko

Solutions of Interior Design for the Transit Zone and Learning Spacefor Liepaja Centre Elementary School

The project deals with the improvement of the premises of Liepaja Centre Elementary School, accessibility of the environment and natural light. Transit zone is designed more structured and detailed – 3rd floor’s hallway, staircase zone and additionally language learning classrooms. Total area to be designed: 300 m2. The concept of the visual design of the interior is contrasted with the school's historic façade, planning to provide laconic and simple shapes in light shades. Functional details are highlighted with bright orange color accents.
The project dismantles the north and east sections of the building's facades. They are to be substituted by glass walls, thus illuminating a transit zone with natural light.


300 m2


Toms Voronko

Author contacts:

Author(s): Toms Voronko
Author's e-mail: toms.voronko@inbox.lv
Author's company: Liepājas Mūzikas, mākslas un dizaina vidusskola

Teacher (for school competition):

Dita Lesiņa, Guna Poga


Client's name: Liepājas pilsētas Izglītības pārvalde