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(LV) LDS BD 2017 Skolu konkursa darbu galerija

LD 582 Madara Dūka

Jug set ,,Maija un Paija''

A gift from Latvia. It unites design and traditions. The set is made of an ascetic form porcelain jugs with handles made of osier wicker and cups which can be used for water, juice or milk. The work is an association of - the shape of the cups - folk skirt; handles - remembering Anna Brigadere's play about the tidy, scrupulous Maija and negligent Paija. The jugs "Maija" include a roundish and even silhouette, decorated with a smooth braid handle; "Paija" - with multiple curves in its silhouette and with a ponytail like handle
Materials: porcelain, glaze, wicker


4 krūzes, 6 krūzītes


Jānis Brants

Author contacts:

Author(s): Madara Dūka
Author's e-mail:
Author's company: PIKC RDMV
Author's website: http://nav

Teacher (for school competition):

Daina Zvanītāja, Ainārs Rimicāns


Client's name: PIKC RDMV