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(LV) LDS BD 2017 Skolu konkursa darbu galerija

ID 576 Paula Grīnberga

The entrance lobby of the Madona study of local history and the art museum

The entrance lobby of the Madona study of local history and the art museum developed in the qualification work. The object is located in Madona. The design space is 117 m2. The main idea is to create functional and aesthetic environment for the museum lobby so that it organically is included in the museum's overall view, serves as a medium and could be easily transformed as a conference and a meeting room. Designing the two height information counter and wardrobe hanger area, interior functionally adapted also to small children and people in wheelchairs. Information pointers and color lines show the direction to the visitors to a particular room or area. In the interior is used monochrome tone gamma with turquoise color accents. Furniture materials combined from light plywood and metal.


120x90 cm


Paula Grīnberga

Author contacts:

Author(s): Paula Grīnberga
Author's e-mail: grinbergapaula16@gmail.com
Author's company: Ogres tehnikums

Teacher (for school competition):

Zane Ūpe


Client's name: Ogres tehnikums