(LV) LDS BD 2017 Skolu konkursa darbu galerija

LD 592 Valters Krētainis

Step by Step

Crawling Device for Children with Mobility Disorders
“Step by Step”
Aim of the design: to design mobility device which serves as feedback to children with cerebral palsy helping to promote their physical and mental development and aid their families as well.
Functionality was the main aspect in the process of designing shape. All details in the construction are functionally neccessary and simple in order to provide its functioning in long term.
The design of the shape is determined by the main function of the design.
The key requirements for the device:
• Mobility
• Stability
• Safety
• Comfort
• Compact for storage and handling
Assistive device is made for Kristians Daniels Silins, nevertheless it can be addapted and used for other children with movement disorders.

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LD 582 Madara Dūka

Jug set ,,Maija un Paija''

A gift from Latvia. It unites design and traditions. The set is made of an ascetic form porcelain jugs with handles made of osier wicker and cups which can be used for water, juice or milk. The work is an association of - the shape of the cups - folk skirt; handles - remembering Anna Brigadere's play about the tidy, scrupulous Maija and negligent Paija. The jugs "Maija" include a roundish and even silhouette, decorated with a smooth braid handle; "Paija" - with multiple curves in its silhouette and with a ponytail like handle
Materials: porcelain, glaze, wicker

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LD 581 Astra Šēnberga

Dish set ,,Combine''

Dish set fits in modern office, as well as in old country house. In setting a table and serving different kinds of snacks or appetizers, the user can choose several combinations within one bowl and whole dish set. Dish set simplifies the process of serving appetizers and gives an aesthetic touch to it.
In development process of diploma project, research of target audience, analogues and tendencies of contemporary design took place. Research resulted in experimenting with materials – pourable stoneware mixed with glaze’s pigments that gives to this dish set individual character. Materials: toned stoneware, wood

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LD 573 Paula Elvīra Miķelsone


Riga Art and Media school qualification work (2017.).
Recycling collection “Tomorrow” is created with the idea of the future of "our" tomorrow. I have given second breath for clothes that have long gone out of fashion – wide pants and clothing like that no longer have to hide in the shadows of the dark corners of the wardrobe. Collection’s clothing material choice successfully reflects the style requirements. Different denim fabrics have worked well with each other, and function positively both technically and visually. The collection fits perfectly in contemporary fashion with its own character and inexhaustibility. It perfectly reflects our age, its an outfit with a life story, with its own mystery. An exclusive but functional product designed to inspire people to recycle.

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LD 558 Dana Veidemane

"North sea"

Riga Art and Media school qualification work (2017.).
Textile collection “North sea” includes 4 plaids and 4 wrapping fabrics. Plaids are large and warm, woven canvas technique. As the base material using Merino and Alpaca wools. Each set plaid fabric attached to the packaging, where it will be packed for ease of handling. The fabrics are linen, elegant dark blue and black colors. I use linen because they are durable and long service life as well as to protect rugs from dust. 

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LD 557 Signe Lapiņa


Riga Art and Media school qualification work (2017.).
Japanese traditional clothing - kimono, serves inspiration for the costume collection ,,Yatta”, which is converted into something unusual, but at the same time interesting. The main colour of the collection is indigo blue, which is shown in different tonalities from denim blue to grey tone. In combination with quality cotton and denim fabrics allowed to get a wonderful chenille fabric, which was used to make oversize coats, which are comfortable and pleasant to wear. The chosen technique and sets of tones gave the opportunity to get different tones and textures. The detail of each dress complement each other. Costumes are easily combinable of athletic style to classical and more.

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