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(LV) LDS BD 2017 darbu galerija

ID 594 Lolita Freidmane

Apartment in the Legend complex in Jūrmala

The task of the project was to create a functional and well-thought-out home that creates emotional comfort for the whole family. The concept is based on the presence of nature, more specifically, the seafront. An especially thoughtful layout and custom furniture were designed to suit the needs of each family member. As a result, 11 rooms were created in 128 m2, which is divided into private and public zones. The mood in the apartment was created using calm colours and various textures and materials that allow you to feel nature’s touch: sand, moss, wood, stone. These feelings are intensified by the seagulls (lighting fixtures) that protect the home and fly over the family dining table. Smart-home technologies are used in the apartment to help the family with daily routines.


128 m2


Gvido Kajons

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Client's name: Lolita Freidmane