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(LV) LDS BD 2017 darbu galerija

ID 569 Arhitektūras birojs "SESTAIS STILS"

University of Latvia Academic Center of Natural Sciences

There are two vestibules in the LU DAC building – on Levels 1 and 2 – that are connected with a wide staircase and designed as recreational areas. For group work there are individually designed acoustic booths, and also open workspaces, such as hammock chairs and high counters along the atrium with a view of the future Academic Square or the cityscape. The work of Latvian artists is organically integrated in the interior: wall paintings, glass art, custom-made furniture.
Neutral, modern and natural materials are used in the interior, such as timber, polished concrete and glass. These materials act as a neutral backdrop for the work of artists and the various furniture groups.


18965 m2


Indriķis Stūrmanis, Emīls Skrīvelis

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Author(s): Arhitektūras birojs "SESTAIS STILS"
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Author's company: SESTAIS STILS SIA


Client's name: Latvijas Universitāte