(LV) LDS BD 2017 Augstskolu konkursa darbu galerija

LD 644 Māra Puriņa

Serving tray for waiters

The purpose of the work was to create an ergonomic serving tray for waiters in mid-range restaurants, bars and cafes, based on problems that are defined by hearing out the products’ potential users and analyzing existing patents.
The concept not only includes the development of ergonomics, but also the used materials - recycled polypropylene combined with injection molding technology, therefor developing sustainability.
The overall image of the serving tray is inspired by the geometric folds that make it a modern, ergonomic, innovative product. The tray is easy to use and ergonomically adapted to the human hand, thanks to the created cuts and spatial folds,which move the moment produced by the load closer to the elbow, reducing the amount of power used by muscles.


400 x 400 x 40



Author contacts:

Author(s): Māra Puriņa
Author's e-mail: purina.mara@gmail.com
Author's company: RTU
Author's website: http://NAV

Teacher (for school competition):

Andra Ulme


Client's name: Māra Puriņa