(LV) LDS BD 2017 Augstskolu konkursa darbu galerija

LD 633 Māra Skuja

Board game for visually impaired and blind people

Board games are a part of rehabilitation for blind and visually impaired people. In Latvia there are not many customized board games for this target group. Braille is used in most of them, but many blind and visually impaired people cannot learn it because there are not enough ways to train the nimbleness of fingers. The new game helps understanding the making of forms, develops communication and the sense of touch. It is made of hexagonal box and all the attributes of it are kept in it – figures in 6 different colors with engravings on them. Each player has figures in one particular color. Engravings help us to recognize which player’s figures we touch. The magnetism of figures ensures that is not easy to push them apart. Board game is adapted for various disorders of sight.


~ 60 x 60 cm laukums un 9 cm augstums.


Māra Skuja

Author contacts:

Author(s): Māra Skuja
Author's e-mail: skuja.mara@gmail.com
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Teacher (for school competition):

Andra Ulme


Client's name: Māra Skuja