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(LV) LDS BD 2017 Augstskolu konkursa darbu galerija

ID 565 Marina Koroļova

Private House "Ziedoņmuiža" interior design in modern style project

The task of project is to create a comfortable ergonomic functional layout. The conceptual principles of interior design are simplicity, rhythm and repetition, combination of feminine and male features in materials and colors, they are based on a game of contrast, mainly with texture, color and structure. The building is divided into night and day zones, on the ground floor there are inner porch, a hall, a bathroom, a kitchen, a wardrobe, two living rooms, while the second floor is dedicated for the night zone - there are bedroom and kids room. Finishing materials are different - decorative concrete plaster, wallpapers, tiles, wood, they are combined for creating contrast - smooth and coarse contrasts, the contrast of cold and warm materials, giving a special character of interior.


114.72 kv.m



Author contacts:

Author(s): Marina Koroļova
Author's e-mail: korolova.marina@gmail.com
Author's company: nav
Author's website: http://www.mak.lv

Teacher (for school competition):

hum.zin.maģ. asoc.prof. Aija Liskupa


Client's name: Marina Koroļova