(LV) LDS BD 2017 Augstskolu konkursa darbu galerija

LD 644 Māra Puriņa

Serving tray for waiters

The purpose of the work was to create an ergonomic serving tray for waiters in mid-range restaurants, bars and cafes, based on problems that are defined by hearing out the products’ potential users and analyzing existing patents.
The concept not only includes the development of ergonomics, but also the used materials - recycled polypropylene combined with injection molding technology, therefor developing sustainability.
The overall image of the serving tray is inspired by the geometric folds that make it a modern, ergonomic, innovative product. The tray is easy to use and ergonomically adapted to the human hand, thanks to the created cuts and spatial folds,which move the moment produced by the load closer to the elbow, reducing the amount of power used by muscles.

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LD 642 Kristaps Polītis


"Printstrument" is a 3D musical toy for children, which, through a light and easy play, helps to give the child the first important steps in the world of music and rhythm.
The ability to play a musical instrument positively affects people in a variety of ways, which is why it is very important from the very beginning to create a child's interest in music.

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LD 633 Māra Skuja

Board game for visually impaired and blind people

Board games are a part of rehabilitation for blind and visually impaired people. In Latvia there are not many customized board games for this target group. Braille is used in most of them, but many blind and visually impaired people cannot learn it because there are not enough ways to train the nimbleness of fingers. The new game helps understanding the making of forms, develops communication and the sense of touch. It is made of hexagonal box and all the attributes of it are kept in it – figures in 6 different colors with engravings on them. Each player has figures in one particular color. Engravings help us to recognize which player’s figures we touch. The magnetism of figures ensures that is not easy to push them apart. Board game is adapted for various disorders of sight.

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LD 568 Dace Gražule

Functional and decorative object- shelf

Functionaly decorative object - a shelf, is intended for use in rooms where the children are mostly staying. The shelf is easy to transform, intended for placing on the desk, floor or the children's table. Its concept is based on the doll's house idea. The shelf is made of dyed veneer plywood. Colours used are harmless to health without any smell. The shelf colours are a warm blue and pastel yellow combination. Thanks to that, it gives a feeling of comfort and safety, given that these two colours are most suitable to the environment in which children are staying.

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LD 566 Santa Katķeviča

Decorative functional object – shelf “Austras tree”

Decorative functinal object – the shelf, has been created within the Diplomproject - Motives of Ethnographic ornaments in the interior design of Ozolaine Parish Folk House. The shelf concept includes stylization of Austras tree, using a combination of natural materials (veneer plywood) and metal square tubes. The shelf construction is made of veneer plywood, but the metal square tube is used as a structural element that stabilizes whole shelf.

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LD 556 Diāna Paradneka

Functionally decorative object – shelf "Pop"

Developing a interior design for the LIAA Rezekne Business Incubator premises and being inspired by the Pop style, a functional decorative object - a shelf "Pop" - was created. The shelf is multifunctional. It can be used both as a wall shelf and by changing the size of, it can be used as a table next to the sofa. It can be left an open book on the top of the shelf. The Pop style is characterized by rounded lines, black contours and color contrasts. The shelf is in good agreement with the overall design of the business incubator, made of plywood and painted with color.

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LD 548 Zelma Kačkāne

Clothing collection ''MaaM''

Outerwear is like women, who is made from simple shapes, but she has secret she can transform, change in any time, when she wants.
Collection developed of transformable outerwear with simple geometric cut shapes can complement and adjust the image providing clothing match with a woman. Latgale (region of Latvia) folk costume and modern clothing trends affected production of five costume design and visual general image. Collection name "MaaM" is an abbreviation of the name 'Variable Sisters" in Latvian language, it is like a woman's reflection in the mirror, with a desire to be different and to stand out. Sister competition is challenging and self-improvement.

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