(LV) LDS BD 2016 Skolu konkursa darbu galerija

LD 499 Sofija Katerīna Jākobsone

Foldable work light stand „L55”

„L55” is made for people who need high quality lighting, e.g. artists, designers and craftsmen. The stand can be used with any work light that mounts with a single screw. It can be placed both on the floor and the wall, and it is also easily foldable. “L55” consists of 4 rotating sections, and its form is shaped upon its function. The stand is inspired by the brightest 20th century lighting design classics and everyday tools such as folding ruler and ladder. „L55” is made of stainless steel and aluminium.

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LD 452 Filips Pēteris Staņislavskis


The “Jor” foldable clothes hanger is made for people who care about the quality of their clothes while on the go. When folded, it’s small enough to be put in a briefcase, purse or even a deep pocket. The hanger can then be unfolded to two positions, one that serves as a regular clothes hanger for hanging your jacket, coat or shirt and another position that can be used to hang purses, bags, shoes, scarfs and other clothing accessories that cannot be hung on a common clothes hanger. Anodised aluminium makes this hanger durable, light and able to repel dust.

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LD 448 Kristīne Sarkane

“Radījums” light object

RADĪJUMS. A light object that consists of several modules that can be placed and connected as the user wishes. The modules connect with each other at four points. “Radījums” includes eight modules that can each be switched on and off individually by microswitch. Each module contains a battery that provides power even if the elements have been disconnected from the socket. The elements can be recharged by plugging to a wire that is connected to the power source; elements also charge if connected to each other. Each module has a small colour-changing diode that provides information when the module is charging ‒ when its shines blue, the battery should be charged; when red, the battery is fully charged. After fully charged, each module battery will work for at least five hours.

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