(LV) LDS BD 2016 Skolu konkursa darbu galerija

LD 510 Elza Bērziņa

Shoes ‘’Whooper’’

Youngster shoes ‘’Whooper’’ are unisex shoes that are created by forming inspiration through the whooper swan. Bird's streamlined, bright, graphically distributed beak serves as a source of inspiration for the design and is directly reflected in the logo and the selected title. Shoes are made of nubuck leather, sole is made out of a segmented rubber material that provides a flexible sole solution.

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LD 460 Vita Kapicka

“Līnija” bag collection

The bag collection is designed for a student who needs to carry many school books and other items on a daily basis. The main aim of the final project is to create a bag consisting of two independent bags that can be used separately. If necessary, the upper part of the leather bag can be easily folded inside, thereby varying the volumes of the bags, the space division of the leather and textile parts and also the length of the straps. A flap covers a computer pocket. Altogether, the collection makes a unified whole, in which one bag complements the other.

Material: genuine leather, textile

The collection consists of three genuine leather bags and three textile bags.

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LD 445 Sallija Štāle

Bags for cyclists

This collection has been made for students and cyclists who cycle daily and carry a laptop with them. These habits have dictated the main idea for this product, that is, to create a functional bag that is comfortable and safe for transporting a computer. The collection includes a backpack, a laptop sleeve that is shock- and water-resistant and a small handle-bar-mounted pouch for small daily stuff.

For this project, the designer was inspired by the new “Sparrow” bicycle model produced by Erenpreiss.

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