(LV) LDS BD 2016 darbu galerija

LD 517 Ieva Libarte-Makstniece

Lamp "Light Paths"

Long ago, everyday life depended on natural light, but nowadays we can create light when we need it. Inspired by the lights in the sky and the graphic visualisation of the path of the sun, two irreplaceable elements in an interior - mirrors and lighting - are connected in one magical object. Light Paths will create a pleasant and unusual atmosphere in private and public spaces. The lamp is made of glass, wood and steel; LED is used as lighting.

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LD 440 Davis Bočoks; Fricis Pirtnieks

Cosmetic cover for prosthetic leg

The cosmetic cover for a prosthetic leg is a modern solution for personalising the appearance of the prosthetic according to the wearer’s lifestyle and taste. The cover provides a protective function by covering the prosthetic and creating the stylised look of a leg. The cover’s shape is individually designed and customised to suit the wearer's legs and the size of the prosthetic components. The cover is enriched with a pattern selected by the customer, thereby demonstrating that the absence of the leg is no reason to hide from the world and the opportunities that it provides. The design is adapted for digital, wasteless manufacturing with the goal of conserving materials and time; the high-quality print is applied with a hobby-class 3D printer that is produced in Latvia.

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LD 417 Rasma Pušpure

to* Please

Collections of mutually interchangeable and combinable earrings that focus in particular on women’s habit of collecting as well as their desire to participate in the creation of things. The designer’s main purpose was to cover a range of different interests and let women participate in the creation of accessories themselves.
Thinking about a variety of topics that women are most interested in, the designer concluded that a large proportion of individuals are interested in, for instance, astrology or are engaged in handicrafts. Many women are also interested in the themes of spiritual growth, self-improvement and femininity. These facts prompted the making of a project for earrings that would include a maximum range of topics and interests reflected in the designer’s interpretation.

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