(LV) LDS BD 2016 Augstskolu konkursa darbu galerija

LD 450 Santa Rokjāne

“Sloped” clothes rack ‒ a functionally decorative object

The clothes rack was inspired by Scandinavian design. It reflects the main qualities of the style: simplicity, laconism, brightness, functionality. The rack is intended to be placed against a wall and is easily movable. It is made of aspen wood, painted white, and with yellow cotton fabric that forms a pocket-like fold, in which one can place various belongings, such as a bag, hat, scarf, etc.

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LD 428 Natālija Kolosova

“Graphical Bauhaus” clothes rack ‒ a functionally decorative object

While developing the interior design for the Ludza Children's and Youth Centre and being inspired by the Bauhaus style, a functionally decorative object – a clothes rack ‒ was developed. During this process, elements such as a line, shape, area and colour were applied. The graphically decorative rack relates to the general interior and is made of wood and metal at the enterprise Dako Koks and ARPC “Zeimuļs”.

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