(LV) LDS BD 2016 Augstskolu konkursa darbu galerija

VD 534 Sanda Kaša

WM bicycle stand

An attractive, unique, multifunctional design has been created for a bicycle stand. It is made of white painted metal, and the internal sides are painted purple. Each subsequent element is turned by two degrees to make for an interesting wave-like visual effect. The stand can be used not only as a bicycle stand but also as a bench. The bicycle stands have different heights, which allow for the placement of smaller bikes as well.

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VD 533 Sanda Kaša

Multifunctional outdoor area for the Balvi Art School

The concept is to develop a suitable, multifunctional landscaping project for an educational institution. Representative, recreational, sports and educational areas are planned, which will harmoniously link with each other. The solution is modern, comfortable and aesthetic. The new outdoor area is appropriate for the school's needs and functions. By using a range of different materials, modern, attractive, multifunctional solutions for infrastructure elements have been created. The principles used in the landscaping are functionality, accessibility, ergonomics, eco-friendly solutions, modernity and creativity, uniqueness. The new outdoor space improves the quality of the study process. Pupils will gain inspiration from their surroundings, thereby generating ideas for new artwork.

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