(LV) LDS balva 2020. Pakāpiens pasaulē

LD 1104 Miks Pētersons

Balance board S2020

Multifunctional accessory for children's play and diversification of general physical training exercises.
Extra rounded edges protect the floor and make it easier to use.
The external shape of the board is designed to be associated with the silhouette of a wooden boat.
Solid wood and plywood versions in 2 sizes.
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvkoF7rcFdI

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LD 1100 Barbara Freiberga

Dream Shell

Cot - cradle.
Designed in a laconic style. The basic construction of the bed is made of painted metal tubes, which ensures the stability of the bed. For the sleeping part, a soft, firm and easy-care furniture fabric is used, which is sewn in the form of a "snail shell", which allows the child to enjoy a comfortable sleep and a feeling of love. The fabric is attached to the bed structure with special carabiners to ensure adequate safety.

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LD 1098 Imants Rubīns


The concept of multifunctional furniture - sustainability, mobility, universal use.
The aim - furniture suitable for providing creative activities for preschool children and teenagers.
The idea is that creative activities for preschool children start on the floor. Therefore, a bench 450 mm high is used as a table surface. As the child grows, the activity takes place on the 750 mm high table surface, sitting on the bench. The desk is equipped with drawers for storing various small items. The table and bench can be used on both sides.
Wheel supports provide an opportunity to easily change the mutual placement of furniture and position in the room.
Solid wood frame construction, birch solid wood and veneer.
Finishing - varnish, which is also intended for finishing children's toys.

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LD 1093 Viesturs Muzikants

Foldable baby sleds

Folding baby sleds are designed for use in urban environments. They can be easily folded to facilitate parental mobility and allow children to enjoy. They are made of birch plywood to give a feeling of natural material.

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LD 1088 Dizaina un idejas autore: Anna Orniņa


BOARD GAME IN THE LIV TĀMNIEKU DIALECT. Playing Ventiņ Domino, you will have the opportunity to get to know 63 words that describe Kurzeme and belong to the Liv tāmnieku dialect. "The Latvian language is our common value. Native language determines how a person thinks. The tāmnieku dialect influenced the grammar of the Liv language. It does not emphasize masculinity and femininity, but humanity. May it be a great pleasure for all of you to learn the place names of Ventiņi! ” - Reiteru Līga, a narrator from Ventiņi.
GAME SET: 28 dominoes pieces with unique images and corresponding names in Liv tāmnieku dialect. Game rules and dictionary, where the name of each picture is also explained in Latvian. MATERIAL: Birch wood. Packaging: micrograph. Type of printing: screen printing.

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LD 1087 Elīna Binde-Dzelzīte

Puzzles - brain teasers (set of 3 pcs.)

The mini puzzle we create like a joke, because we got tired of listening to customer arguments - but my child / grandchild is already putting 50/100/500/1000 pieces of puzzles.
OK, he's a smart guy, but how can he handle such a task?
Well, we're kidding, because these puzzles are a challenge for kids till 99. Looks
simple but with great task - without any drawings on the puzzles, no start and
the end. Give it a try! We promise - You will sharpen your brain !.

Mini puzzles - brain teasers - 3 pcs. set.
A small size puzzles that looks simple but actually
you need to strain your mind to put them together.

Made of birch plywood.
Size 100x150mm

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LD 1086 Aldis Blicsons

Choppy - children's wooden balance bike

The Choppy is probably the lightweight children's wooden balance bike in the world - it weighs less than 3kg. It can quickly assembled as a constructor, easily modified without using tools, because screws are not used in the construction. Choppy made from veneer birch plywood produced in Latvia, various polymers and a little metal – it has no metal bearings. Intended for children from 1-5 years of age. The bike can adjusted to the height of the small rider:change the seat height, choose one of two steering wheel height options. The shock-absorbing seat will protect the child's back. The disassembled bike assembled in a box made of FSC-certified cardboard and connected without the use of glue. The packaging can used for playing: the inner box is designed as an adventure track with drawings.

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LD 1085 Laima Gruzdiņa

Collection "Forest Animals"

Do you remember when as a child you asked your parents to leave the door open while falling asleep? Wishing to secure a peaceful feeling, we got inspired from Latvian nature and our own children and created functional design light elements "FOREST ANIMALS". The collection is based on each Latvian forest animal contribution to child's development - the bunny reminds of eating vegetables, the hedgehog encourages for curiosity, while the bear inspires the child with peaceful bedtime regime. Collection is created in Latvia with focus on high quality craftmanship, applying environmentally friendly production methods and use of sustainable materials: Latvian birch wood, ecological water-based paints, LED lights safe for use and environment.

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LD 1084 Laima Gruzdiņa

Collection "Rainbow"

Each of us has wondered how rainbow appears. Now you have a chance to bring this miracle to your family's nursery to create rainbow stories together with your children. “RAINBOW” is the newest collection created in the PIKU workshop. It consists of a lamp and a painting set. Created in 2 sizes and 4 color palettes, the Rainbow Light Lamp charms with it's 24 shades of light easy to change by remote. The Rainbow Painting Set is bonding activity for family encouraging children to create their own unique rainbow. Collection “RAINBOW” is created in Latvia with focus on high quality craftmanship, applying environmentally friendly production methods and use of sustainable materials: Latvian birch wood, ecological water-based paints, LED lights safe for use and environment.

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LD 1053 Kristiana Kazarjana

Katrai dienai savu Supevaroni!

Jau no seniem laikiem ar kūltūras manojumu - pasakām, mītiem, teikām un varoņu eposiem tika fiksētas un tālāk nodotas konkrētās kultūras vērtības.
Ikdienas dzīvē katram neatkarīgi no vecuma dzīvē ir savs supervaronis kuram piemīt izteiktas īpašības:
S - ir tēls ar pārcilvēcisku un unikāku fizisko spēku un ar daudz citām pārdabiskām spējām.
S - ievēro tikumības normas, viņš vienmēr darbojas likuma robežās, apzinās savu spēku un saprot, ka ir atbildīgs par to, kā viņš šo spēku izmanto. Viņam liela fiziska izsturība un augsts intelekts.
S - spēj pavaikt citiem šķiet neiespējamo.
S - ir īpaša redze. Viņš redz cauri priekšmetiem gandrīz kā rentgens.
S - piemīt spēja dzirdēt ļoti lielā attālumā un dzirdēt domas.
S - ir ļoti attīstīta atmiņa. Piemīt milzīgs gribasspēks.

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LD 1041 Miks Pētersons


The mountain silhouette used in the MoON collection allows you to create the illusion that the child is lying above the mountains. High in the sky and safe. The arched cut-outs in the side parts are like windows to look at the surrounding world.
Observing the surrounding nature and meeting N. Roerich's paintings is the main source of inspiration for the creation of the collection.
MoON is a cot that blends harmoniously into the environment, maintaining its character and message. The bed elements and proportions change along with the child's growth.
The furniture is made of solid oak, plywood and high-quality MDF wood panels, which are finished with water-based materials.
For children aged 0 - 7 years.
Mattress size 140-160 x 70 cm.

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LD 1023 Laima Gruzdiņa

Collection "Light Letter"

Already in childhood period, parents have a great opportunity to create home environment which inspires children for interest in design. “LIGHT LETTER” is the first product created by the PIKU, and the idea came at a time when the author of the brand decorated own nursery and was looking for night light solution. It became PIKU's mission to create light letter lamps that are functional and symbolize belonging to the owner. Even while growing up, light lamp performs as a modern design element. Collection “LIGHT LETTER” is created in Latvia with focus on high quality craftsmanship, applying environmentally friendly production methods and use of sustainable, environmentally friendly materials: Latvian birch wood, ecological water-based paints, LED lights safe for use and environment.

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LD 998 Līga Apine - Paškova

4x1 Kids bed

The model combines 4 functions in one product:

1) a comfortable bed for a child from 1.5 to adolescence,
2) archetypal shaped playhouse,
3) gymnastic tool - the roof of the house is designed like a "Swedish wall" brachation ladder, child can grab, climb, securely jump or fall on a bed mattress,
4) retractable box on wheels for storing toys or bed-linen.

Construction is made of 18 mm thick birch veneer plywood, treated with ecological, health-friendly tinted oil. Mattress size 900 x 1900mm.

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LD 941 Sanita Nikitenko

Board game "ME AND ANIMALS"

A game for one player between the ages of 4 and 12.
Components: 125 cards, book with samples, box for storing the game.
The task of the game: to assemble an image of an animal from 25 geometric shapes. Although 50 samples are offered, the player is given the opportunity to create their own pictures of animals or come up with new rules of the game.
The book is divided into three parts, which correspond to different levels of difficulty.
Playing cards are made of 1 mm thick cardboard. The book contains 24 pages that are bound together by a metal spiral. There is a "shelf" in the box on which the book is placed.

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