(LV) LDS Balva 2018 darbu galerija

SD 793 Ieva Dumbrovska

Kids Code

Accenture Kids Code secondary brand expression is made with the purpose to broaden the visual identity group of elements, to address the target audience for "Hour of Code" activities. Inviting to participate in a programming learning activities kids and youth.

Secondary brand expression group of elements are made using Graphik- Accenture official font. Symbols are created as characters which replicate coding language signs in a way that it shifts the semantic meaning from corporate to more open and kinds and youth friendly communication.

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SD 789 Dace Runča

Food blogger's Baiba Soika blog's Explore Healthy Food logo

Food blogger Baiba Soika needed graphic solution for brand she started to build. Graphic sign is wary, very clear, easy to perceive. These values characterize also Baibas Soikas life and work principles.
3 consecutive circles symbolize 3 plates on the table, the start letter from the words Explore Healthy Food is displayed on each plate. The blog is written in English, therefore the sign is made using English words.
At present, the logo is used on the Blogger homepage and on the Instagram page.

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SD 695 Linda Gobeta

Glass Wolf jewellery graphical identity

Logo sign was inspired by the main material used, which is glass. Two square outlines are on top of each other representing transparency and graphic side of jewellery that artist Gatis Vasiljevs makes. Futura font was chosen because of its clean and modern looks, which is seen in accessories. Business card design is placed on black matt paper in digital white ink technique. The packaging is in two sizes, small box for smaller size accessories and large for bigger sets. The logo is debossed on top of a box. Promotional material is double sided, at the front of it there’s a photo and one of the logo variations. You can see playfully designed text with graphical elements at the back.

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SD 687 Dace Blūma

Type calling cards

The Typeface Calling Cards are a personal open project aiming to promote the diversity and history of typefaces both through information and objects to all computer users. Unfortunately even professional designers often don't appreciate the nuances of typefaces and end up using the same old overused sub-par quality but easily accessible typefaces. The typeface based designs on everyday objects remind the users of the individuality and range of typefaces and the Typeface Calling Cards provide additional background. The project is ongoing and will feature more typefaces as well as an extended collection of objects sporting the typeface designs.

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