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(LV) LDS Balva 2018 augstskolu darbu galerija

LD 775 Liene Kāposta

Balance Trail for Children – «AKMENĪC»

Balance equipment for playgrounds, with elements of various size and shape manmade stones. They can be combined in different ways and create a challenging trail that promote physical development of children and stimulates imagination, additionally improving balance and coordination of movements. The aim is to create a safe playground environment for children, therefore, a shock absorbing, shockproof and moisture resistant material is chosen for the manufacture of stones – a mixture of rubber granules and polyurethane glue. The stones are designed according to the safety requirements in the standards; as a result their height does not exceed 50 cm.


500 x 500 mm


Liene Kāposta

Author contacts:

Author(s): Liene Kāposta
Author's e-mail: liene.kaposta@gmail.com
Author's company: Liene Kāposta

Teacher (for school competition):

Mg. sc. ing., zin. asist. I. Zotova, Dr. sc. ing., doc. E. Kirilovs


Client's name: Liene Kāposta