(LV) LDS Balva 2018 augstskolu darbu galerija

LD 801 Zelma Kačkāne

Functional accessories - bag collection "Anba"

Various handmade woolen products that are abundantly decorated are still preserved in the dowry chest. The use of craft skills and the potential of new technologies creates sustainable design subjects. The designs of the bag collection are based on simple geometric shapes. Honoring Grandma's skills and memories, the decorative Bag design was found in Grandma's knitted gloves. Hand bags of different sizes, which can be transformed into backpacks and purses with ethnographic patterns.
Functional accessories made of natural leather, whit laser-cut.

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LD 788 Everita Kondratjeva

Fashion collection «Bogene»

«BOGENE» is a home spirit, and each of us are this house and this spirit. Each of us are handicraft, each one is handsome and successful, depending on each handwriting. It either is or either not. It can not be artificially created. Lend it is pale. It’s essential to let go of your inner spirit and afford to live a little more beautifully every day, not to wait for the feast to bump and feel elevated. Live a little more on your own.

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LD 786 Alīne Skarule

Fashion collection «Brīze» («Breeze»)

Spring breeze breaks down the winter’s rigidity by changing its firm shapes. The winds and the sea are beginning to bloom again. In this transition, everything that is frozen is thawed. The brittle ice on the surface of the sea is beginning to change. The breeze turns into the sea and ice fogs roar in the water. Surrounded by wind, the waves become more and more flowing every day. Inhale the fresh air, sense the cool wind flow in the face. Spring is here! Costumes are worn everyday. They are free, comfortable and at the same time feminine. The costumes are of two colours and the colour of the wax technique is used, which gives the collection a special sophistication.

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LD 784 Ramona Krūkle

Fashion collection «Raiti riti»

Endless long streets, as links, which pave the way to the blood vessels, connect them one side to the other. And the large, luxurious houses like the abutment holds these streets. But in the centre there are axis, whose legs and arms are stably standing on both banks of the Daugava River, combining together two sides, creating one whole. This composition can be divided into smaller parts or arrange the cross, zoom in from distance or distance from the proximity, but its rhythm will never change; it will remain one, one single, one heartbeat, one heartbeat of Latvia, the heartbeat of Riga. The collection is made inspired by the environment, places and people. The character of the clothes is matched to the city’s man, hurried, open and free.

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LD 783 Evita Bērziņa

Modular Shelf System for Shoe Storage

The main purpose of the product is to make shoe storage more effective in small living areas, adapting it to different seasons and types of footwear. Adjustable height shelves are made of embossed and raised edges, so that dirt does not reach the lower shoes and at the same time provide air access to the shoe soles. The shelf-system modularity provides the ability to expand the shoe storage system to the needs of the user. The main target audience for the product is the city’s inhabitant, who lives in a dwelling with a small entrance area.

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LD 782 Baiba Lasmane

Hallway Furniture Collection

The collection of hallway furniture was designed with the accessories primarily for small areas of the halls, the fitting of which often tends to stay in the second plan. A more thoughtful interior and special organization in the hallway will not only ease the daily life, but also make sure that every guest will feel welcome. There will be no sensation of unnoticed taste, which will also uncover the individuality of the house owner. The collection consists of five elements or furniture, as well as nineteen replenishing options, so that each user can customize it for their own needs. Materials such as painted MDF, plywood and oak massive wood are used to make the collection.

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LD 781 Ieva Kreile

Collection of Wooden Dishes – «edge»

The author of the work presents a representative collection of wooden dishes, «edge», which consists of three different dishes. They perform a decorative storage function while storing fruit, biscuits, sweets. On the decorative metal lines of dishes it is possible to attach addition sections. The main emphasis is placed on the aesthetic and ideological qualities of the dishes, including the reflection of the value of the company that wishes to give it as a representative gift. The main target audience of the product are companies, organizations, public institutions that want to stabilize and promote cooperation with partners and customers, giving them a symbolic, aesthetic and functional object.

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LD 780 Kristaps Butāns

Set of Furniture for «Latvijas finieris» Meeting Room

Furniture collection «Riga Soft» is designed to highlight the peculiar features of plywood – the high strengths and special pattern of edges, as well as surface coatings. The furniture is very light, comfortable and easy to maintain. They are suitable for both private and public spaces. The furniture collection consists of a sofa (1500 x 750 x 820 mm), a lounge chair (750 x 750 x 820 mm) and a coffee table (800 x 500 x 500 mm). They are intended for use in the informal interview room of «Latvijas finieris».

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LD 779 Rūta Pickaine

Cable Management System

The cable management set leaves your workspace floor free from cables; the power strip holder keeps the power strip within easy reach and stops cables from falling off the desk. It clamps easily to desk – no glue, screws or nails are needed. A hand screw clamp is integrated in the product to fix it to the surface with different thicknesses. The collection is suitable for flexible workspaces such as co working spaces, open-plan offices, seminar rooms and educational institutions. Now you can put your power strip exactly where you need it!

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LD 778 Ieva Putniņa

Laptop Case with an Integrated Stand

A portable computer is one of the most widely used tools in nowadays, but long-term work on it often causes spinal health problems, bad posture and is fatiguing to its user. To solve this problem and improve the sitting position in any environment, a product that combines two functions has been designed – a carrying case which integrates a computer stand, making the working posture more ergonomic wherever the laptop case user chooses to work at. The stand can be used both on a table surface or while holding the case in lap. The exterior of the bag is made of waterproof, durable fabric and the stand is made of light-weight, curved aluminium.

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LD 777 Olga Adele

Auxilliary Equipment for Hand and Finger Training during post-stroke rehabilitation

Auxiliary device is envisaged to versify hand movement exercises after stroke, when fingers form a fist and are almost immovable. The user pushes his fingers into the «glove» which contains a chalk or a colour crayon. The hand in the «glove» moves along a sheet of paper, under which there is one of the pictures – woodcut with different relief forms.
The first attempts only tone the paper, but with time the pattern figures are formed. Later they can be coloured with oil crayons or pencils.

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LD 776 Sintija Toma

Modular Exhibition Stands

The collection of modular exhibition stands consists of 6 different modular stands – the Triangle, the Quadrangle, the Stand, the Low Quadrangle Stand, the Little Quadrangle Stand, the Hang-Up Stand and the Wall Stand with the united dimensions. The possibilities of combining the stands are infinite. The main dimensions of the surface are 900 x 900 mm. Base length of legs are 300 mm, it is easy and quick to connect them with each other with the new connection – Domino. Stand height can be adjusted as needed – 300, 600 or 900 mm. The Wall Stand and the Hang-Up Stand is 2000 mm high. The stands are made of lightweight slabs and pine solid wood to facilitate their transportation. Modular stands can be used at any exhibition

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LD 775 Liene Kāposta

Balance Trail for Children – «AKMENĪC»

Balance equipment for playgrounds, with elements of various size and shape manmade stones. They can be combined in different ways and create a challenging trail that promote physical development of children and stimulates imagination, additionally improving balance and coordination of movements. The aim is to create a safe playground environment for children, therefore, a shock absorbing, shockproof and moisture resistant material is chosen for the manufacture of stones – a mixture of rubber granules and polyurethane glue. The stones are designed according to the safety requirements in the standards; as a result their height does not exceed 50 cm.

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LD 774 Santa Pikuma

Multifunctional Children’s Furniture

The product is suitable for children from birth to school age. A baby cot is designed for infants from birth to six months, or when a child starts to actively move or sit independently. When the baby has grown up, the crib is transformed into a storage system for the property and a workplace for the child. The product is made of ash solid wood, veneered flexible plywood. The baby’s health-friendly materials are used in the process.

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LD 773 Gustavs Šķērstiņš

Transformable Playhouse Set for Children

The Transformable Playhouse Set for Children allows the child to satisfy the necessity of a natural development process for a private space, while ensuring the full development of the child, promoting the child’s thinking, creativity, social ability and permanence. The main building size of the house is 1.3 x 2 and up to 1.8 m high. The product is made of plywood boards – «Riga ply» and solid wood. Elements fitted with accessories: «sherpa WTS1» and «lamello P-18 divario», which make up secure, disjointed and rigid connections. The surface coating is chosen paint and varnish based on water for outdoor conditions that does not completely cover the underlying wood texture. The finishing is both mechanical and chemically resistant to environmental factors.

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LD 722 Madara Upmane

Sleep travel accessories

Author designed graphic identity for sleep travel accessories (sleeping mask, pillow, neck pillow), as well as visual collection of products, with the possibility of creating individual sets for customer specifications. The graphics and color language chosen for prints perfectly complements the functional thematic of overall image.

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LD 670 Ilze Mežinska

Luminaire “Puzurs”

The "Puzurs" luminaire was developed in the digital art project "European Connections in Digital Arts - EUCIDA". The ceiling light is the accent object of the room. The luminaire design includes mythical, sacred time-space symbol – Puzurs - interpretation in modern design using modern materials and technologies. Puzurs as a model of cultural mythological space, symbolizes the structure of the world. The warm light of the luminaire and the rotating elements create mood lighting and a light and shadow play. Its geometric and clear construction has an energetically beneficial effect on people and the environment. The object is made of laser-cut black extruded organic glass (3 mm) parts. Ilze Mežinska, ilzemezinska1@gmail.com, tel. 29501916.

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LD 667 Laima Studente


Developing the interior design for Rehabilitation centre of Vilaka has been made historical researches of building which shown than previously there were Marienhausen manor farm building with linen factory in it. The lamp was designed inspired from flax shape and eco design which is also used in interior project. Material choice is based on eco design rules about using all natural materials. Used materials - linen fabric and plywood, which was treated with linseed oil, thereby achieving the modern technology and natural material synthesis. Eco style is characterizes by nature and simple forms.

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LD 663 Kristīne Mežale

Object of light – lamp “Touch”

The Digital Art Project "EuropeanConnectionsinDigital Arts -EUCIDA" in the course of realization was developed the object of light "Touch". Light object is intended for use in Rezekne boarding school - development center for multisensory rooms, what is being developed for the diploma project. It is a floor lamp, which is intended for children with developmental disorders. The lamp is a rotating light object, who made of veneer plywood, organic glass, 6 textured materials and 3 different color LED boards. Light object is possible touch, which will help develop tactile and visual sensations.

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LD 661 Dana Gricika

"Nature Wave"

The Digital Art Project "EuropeanConnectionsinDigital Arts -EUCIDA" in the course of realization was developed the light object "Nature wave". Light object is intended for use in the interior of a private home – Rezekne, A. Upisha st. 82a, which is addressed within the diploma project. It is a floor lamp wich comprises of 5 plywood parts and LED lamp. The composition of the free form made with laser. Because of the selected material (veneer plywood), the lamp looks warm and homy.

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LD 653 Maija Goba

“Luna Plena ABG”

The "LUNA PLENA ABG" light object is a dedication to Abgunstes Manor. It's a full moon in a dark night. The light object has a mood-forming function. The height of the "LUNA PLENA ABG" object is 460 mm, width - 360 mm, made by laser cutting technique. The case is made of metal and is specially rusted. The part of the light is made of extruded, semi-metallic organic glass, which is round in shape from the front, while the side view is oval. The light comes from LED lamp that is specially made for this object and has a device in the middle of the light object to evenly disperse the light. The light object, which is a twisted cable, is connected to the light object.

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LD 650 Ilze Fetjko

Clothing collection "The Sketch"

The task - based on studies on the activities of Japanese fashion designers develop a clothing collection "The Sketch" using laser marking in the design of original fabric décor. The primary function is to create a collection of unisex clothing. Clothing is intended to be considered a free person with his own opinion. Laser marking used in the decorative trim of collection material (natural leather and artificial silk). There are six costumes in the clothing collection, which, like the studied analogs, are comfortable, with free silhouette, geometric shapes, in neutral colors. Decorative markings is light, linear, expressing human unity. The main task of the collection is to highlight the personality, its free beliefs, not the attractiveness of the body.

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LD 647 Elva Kājiņa


The function of the ceiling lamp "1887" is to complement the interior of the country house, which was developed in cooperation with the project "European Connections in Digital Arts" and the RTA Physical Processes and Laser Technology Research Center. The lamp was made of trienced resistant polyester caustic films and light staple paper, Covering the layers, forming the volume and shape of the lamp, this complements the forms of the clock wounded in laser therapy.

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