(LV) LDS Balva 2018 augstskolu darbu galerija

ID 794 Elva Kājiņa

Family relic - source of inspiration in the interior design of the country house "Ciruli"

Interior design for the private house "Cīruļi" was developed in the rural style, emphasizing the values of the family relic. The interior design solution is designed for the lobby, kitchen, three bedroom, living room, hobby or work room, plumbing unit, which combines bathroom and toilet. For visualization, drawings, the following programs were used: ArchiCAD19, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo.

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ID 669 Ilze Mežinska

Interpretation of the Latvian culture canon in the interior of a modern Latgale country house

The project "Interpretation of the Latvian culture canon in the interior of a modern Latgale country house" inspired by values of the Latvian Culture canon - Latgale pottery, folk costume, celebration "Jāņi", creates the ancient and modern symbiosis in Latgale countryside. Area: 238.7 m². Significant is functional analysis, modern interior design. Sensation of the Latvian Cultural canon and Latgale in the modern interior enters through colours, textures, elements, atmosphere, highlighting works by Latvian designers and Latgale authors. Three types of floor types are provided - tiles, paving stones, parquet - walls are coloured. Neutral tones are combined with expressive accents - mustard yellow, dark blue and green. Natural light is increased, direct, diffused and mood lighting combined.

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