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(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

MD 354 Maija Vītola


The Hairpin Collection is my view and understanding of the ancient, primordial forms, and the human relationship with all living things.The aim of the collection is to unify fine art with jewellery . Miniature etchings have been made in wood with a special instrument, and they serve both as a decorative element of the pin as well as printing block. The print of the jewellery design is an addition to the overall piece. Though many great artists sought techniques to link jewellery and fine art, direct integration is rare. Collection materials - silver, wood and enamel.


4 kastes - reprezentatīvais komplekts - katra 24X24 cm


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Author(s): Maija Vītola
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Author's company: Maija Vītola
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A. Endziņš


Client's name: Maija Vītola