GBD 2015 Atbalst Duravit


GBD 2015 Atbalst Axor


GBD 2015 Atbalst AkzoNobel


GBD 2015 Sadolin


GBD 2015 Partn LTRK


GBD 2015 Atbalst Tallink


GBD 2015 Atbalst JVK


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(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija



Simple and aesthetic design solution fender, that protects riders from mud, without spoiling the look of bike. It is quickly attached without any instruments or extra details. 40 gr light. Easy fold in 10*6cm roll, that can be attached to bike or keys. One–peace fender, that is unfolded and mounted swiftly– upon necessity, therefore avoiding unnecessary details or weight of bike. It is lighter and doesn’t have any mounting parts. It is easily combined with hidden light, thus making rider easily noticeable. It is die cut from multi-colour, resilitent, recyclable polypropylene under 1mm thick.


Izklāts – 650x100x0.8, sarullēts rullītī – 50x50x100, uzstādīts – 600x60x80 (izmēri doti milimetros)

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Author(s): ERLANDS
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Author's company: SIMPLICATED
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Client's name: Erlands Celmiņš