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MD 180 Ingūna Levša


Interior textile work "Forest" is woven in tabbies with floats technique from high quality wool yarn. As it is known, wool absorbs noise, so that a large-scale textile works can have a sound and noise absorption function. It can be placed in offices and waiting rooms that tend to be half-empty and boring, thus creating a pleasant forest atmosphere full of light. The work is based on a forest photograph that has been converted with Photoshop and NedGraphics programs into a contemporary interpretation of impressionism. Tapestry "Forest" is woven on industrial looms in Norway.




Didzis Grods un Ingūna Levša

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Author(s): Ingūna Levša
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Author's company: nav uzņēmuma

Teacher (for school competition):

Jon Pettersen


Client's name: Ingūna Levša