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(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

NK 176 Aina Cabule


Basic idea of the product: Calendar set "Ethnographic ornaments" has a practical, functional and decorative importance. At the fundamentals of the graphic design of calendar overlies the style of minimalism where are played up the symbolic signs of Latvian writing. Ethnographic ornaments are sorted into four geometric shapes: triangle, rectangle, circle and rhombus reflecting the differences between four seasons. Triangle associates with winter, rectangle with spring, circle with summer, rhombus with autumn. In geometric form is created ethnographic ornaments which is specific to each month.


Kalendāru komplekta "Etnogrāfiskie raksti" izmēri ir dažādi: sienas kalendāra izmērs ir 297 x 420 mm; galda kalendāra izmērs ir 210 x 100 mm; kabatas kalendāra izmērs 90 x 50 mm; plānotāja izmērs 90 x 135 mm; diska kabatiņas izmērs ir 130 x 130 mm.


Aina Cabule

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Client's name: Aina Cabule