(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija



Ceiling lamp MADARA is a light, sound, movement and rhythm. The Sound as the one from cymbals of Latvian national costumes, the movement of Latvian traditional dances and the rhythm of Latvian folk songs. Lamp look good as one, as well as several together.The lamp is made of copper.

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Wall clock RĪGA

Design of the clock was created by the appearance of the Riga central railway station clock. It is a central high-rise of the capital and assists at moments when you need to be on a particular place at a particular time. Wall clock is a small size variation of the station clock. The station clock is 43 meters high, therefore also the wall clock’s “RIGA” height at the scale of 1:100 is 43 cm. The wall clock RIGA is a souvenir for remembrance of Riga, as well as a functional object for everyone.
Clock is made of aluminium.

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