(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

NK 411 Juris Kalniņš, Gatis Kreicbergs, Tīna Zommere

Tricycle for Rehabilitation

Latvian rehabilitation system does not offer a suitable wheelchair for a person with an impaired leg movement. There are only hand-operated wheelchairs available, where the legs do not move, therefore it does not develop the leg operation. This tricycle, which can be operated by both foot and hand wheel drive, is designed to combine a stationary rehabilitation bicycle and a vehicle. The tricycle has been made using second-hand bicycle parts.
Follow traffic regulations while using.

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NK 383 Agnese Bule


The collection "Latvian Dream Mandalas" is a series of graphic design marks made by “Latvian Dream” author Agnese Bule adaptable to various mediums and materials. In year 2015 it already was exposed in the Art Day’s exhibition in Valmiera Art gallery “Leduspagrabs”, on Līgo event’s open-air stage in Dzintaru beach and this time it has rolled on tablecloth, oilcloth. Collection can serve as a suitable daily thing in every kitchen, as well as a souvenir. It is made in the monochrome and color version. The collection printed in the digital and silk-screen technique.

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NK 377 Guna Poga

Lamp "Moonlight"

Luminaire symbolically represents the flow of light. It is made of hollow log and makes light acquisition an event. By pushing the bottom of the lamp to the side it is possible to vary the amount of light according to the user's wishes. Like the moon where we can see the various phases. The light is turned off by closing object completely.
Luminaire was designed for exhibition Spruce Vulgaris within Kalnciema Street square in June, 2015, emphasizing the value of trees as Latvian cultural heritage.

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NK 303 Aleksandrs Beznosiks

AHK German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce annual award / UP!

AHK German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce award design, due to its static-dynamic composition, symbolizes the constant craving up and sustainable development. The design of certain elements is based on the ladder metaphor that in general represents the movement for new achievements and challenges. Selected material for the trophy is solid casted organic glass, that embodies clarity, depth and visual lightness . The digit "1" can be easily discerned in the object 's silhouette that is assigned to represent the first-class competences of the award winner in their field.

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NK 276 Oskars Lubiņš, Andris Lubiņš, Dana Prince

Decorative bowl Etno

The traditional Latvian signs do not only serve as an aesthetic ornament: they also carry encoded energies that may help balance and leaven our lives. We want to continue and preserve this heritage by incorporating it into contemporary, modern products. This versatile decorative bowl is handy as an Advent wreath, simply as a candleholder, as a tray for colourful Easter eggs or clews, or as a food or snacks bowl, a base for plants, or as an interior decor if combined with string lights. Made of folded steel, without welds, and covered with structured polymer paint.

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NK 272 Guna Poga

Spruce needle typeface

Spruce is important in Latvian traditions. If it could talk, what would it say, what would be its language? One's language would be finer, another's brighter and more expressive.
Spruce needle typeface is a decorative letter shape formed by spruce needles. It is a way to let spruce communicate with humanity. The needles are a natural material that is adapted in contemporary way and usable in everyday life.
Font development was influenced by a desire to make my Christmas tree functional and sustainable, contrasting evergreen with vanishing, as well as promoting the tree outside winter solstice.

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NK 253 Arta Seile

Boxes - all in one

Storage box for essential things.
The boxes for those whose are always on the way and do not stay in one place for long-mainly for students.
The boxes are made of birch veneer. For handy seizure and removal two planes are drill holed with 3 holes. The shape of the boxes are suitable for placing in various combinations one box on the other thereby forming modular rack. The widest plane of the box allow to form diverse practical decoration. As decoration there is used blackboard adhesive film as well as cork layer.

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