(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

FD 285 Iveta Pērkone

Earth tones

Not everything miraculous can be seen every day. Picking up a grain of sand, we notice its colours and forms. Viewed up close, a furrowed field with the Earth’s drawings is a painting created by nature and humans. This symbiosis reveals interplay between texture and colour, which in a larger format may become a small architectural form.

The visual object is realised on a spatial frame without edgings to create a relief surface together with the wall as a backdrop, and as a contemporary yet traditionally Latvian interior feature for hotel and conference centre lobbies.

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FD 241 Valts Kleins

LTV 60

To mark its 60th anniversary the client – Latvian Television – commissioned a calendar and a traveling photo exhibition. Twelve most distinguished journalists of the Latvian Television were chosen to be portrayed in the twelve spreads of the calendar. Its concept evolves around a metaphoric idea of the role of personality in TV journalism. Each of the protagonists was photographed in a setting associated with his or her sphere of work and public image. In addition to that, each image features a large scale letter - symbol of a personality with a capital "P".

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