(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

FD 288 Iveta Pērkone

Water games

Water refreshes and relaxes. Reflections suspend time, freeing space for the imagination. Is it the wind, which has created patterns in the waves resembling a soft silk scarf? And the sun transforms its silvery brilliance into mysterious depths. The constant fluctuations of water inspire works that speak to the soul.

The triptych is intended as a relaxing interior feature in medical clinics and beauty salons. The pictures are laid on glass with a small gap from the wall to let the vibrations of the air and the play of light enhances the whimsical contrasts depicted in the images.

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FD 285 Iveta Pērkone

Earth tones

Not everything miraculous can be seen every day. Picking up a grain of sand, we notice its colours and forms. Viewed up close, a furrowed field with the Earth’s drawings is a painting created by nature and humans. This symbiosis reveals interplay between texture and colour, which in a larger format may become a small architectural form.

The visual object is realised on a spatial frame without edgings to create a relief surface together with the wall as a backdrop, and as a contemporary yet traditionally Latvian interior feature for hotel and conference centre lobbies.

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FD 241 Valts Kleins

LTV 60

To mark its 60th anniversary the client – Latvian Television – commissioned a calendar and a traveling photo exhibition. Twelve most distinguished journalists of the Latvian Television were chosen to be portrayed in the twelve spreads of the calendar. Its concept evolves around a metaphoric idea of the role of personality in TV journalism. Each of the protagonists was photographed in a setting associated with his or her sphere of work and public image. In addition to that, each image features a large scale letter - symbol of a personality with a capital "P".

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FD 207 Jūlija Prohorenkova


GROWN is a collaboration project between photographer Julia Prohorenkova and "Collar Swimwear" brand for their newest swimwear capsule collection..
Inspired by nature's processes in early spring, when soil frees itself from the heaviness of winter and layers of long gone seasons are ripped up by the newborn burgeons.
Photography series explore different motives of this theme - sun lighten fields, dark and moist soil, old grass, young sprouts.
Collaboration between two also resulted in live exhibition ‘Grown’ on May 6th as a momentary happening, lasting just for two hours.

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