(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

GD 408 Ieva Riekstiņa, Aija Bigača

Annual report of Riga Technical University

Design of the first Annual report for the oldest higher education institution in Latvia – Riga Technical University (RTU). It is covered in bespoke dark suit with geometric varnish pattern. Throughout pages electrical green colour shapes interchanges with white space. Similarly to RTU themselves – their strong traditions live alongside development and openness.

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GD 395 Edijs Matulis


In order to facilitate safety on the road, an educational board game has been developed for the Bachelors Work “go-ride-drive”, offering an alternative way to learn road traffic and safety rules in a relaxed atmosphere among friends and family. The board game is for children, teenagers, parents, seniors, etc., who are actively facing road traffic and participants in their daily lives. Riga city traffic intersections are used for the analysis of situations in the game in a demonstrative way.

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GD 385 Tatjana Raičiņeca, Anete Šalma


RADADARA - searching way to creation and performing means to originate new story. Every
story is peculiar, with his own character. There is no two identical stories. There is no two identical business cards..

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GD 326 BrandEleven un Ilze Skredele-Minkeviča

Nordic Club House brand identity

The Nordic Club House is that special place where time stands still, but ideas and energy flows. It is the place where Nordic qualities blend with Old Town surroundings and business dreams. The House has its own special graphic identity with deep roots in Nordic mindset, where clarity of colors and lines is as important as information on stationary items. BrandEleven has designed brand identity which uses black, white and Nordic sea blue as a main colors and graphic language through signs and symbols - pictograms for crisp and yet elegant touch.

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GD 299 Dmitrijs Pavlovs


This year the central topic of the idea-based TEDxRiga conference is "The Power of Small," because each of us can ensure significant changes and do big things. As the Latvian folk saying goes, "a small rock can upset a large cart." In visual terms, this essence is revealed in small details and humble simplicity, giving the floor to a tiny screw, button or needle and thread - invisible everyday heroes that deserve our attention and are therefore in frames as heroes on the wall of fame.

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GD 296 Dmitrijs Pavlovs


The aim of the charity concert is to collect funds to help children from Ukraine to recover from the horrors of war at sanatoriums in Latvia. We needed to create an emotionally powerful message to make people think and donate money. We chose to talk about things that can be seen in a child's drawing, not a photograph. The photograph shows what is, but we wanted to show what the children have lost in their lives, that which is always replaced by a sense of loss and emptiness.

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GD 291 Matīss Zvaigzne


Rīga Marathon has been held for the past 25 years, and it is becoming increasingly popular, with nearly 26,000 participants from 69 countries taking part this year. As the main supporter of the event changed, a new visual identity was created for it. As is the case with other leading marathons in the world, this one has taken on the identity of the city in which it is run. In line with athletic spirit, the name of Rīga is made up of dynamic letters that also display the typical church steeples that make up the city's skyline. The height of our event, however is the runner, not the rooster.

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GD 257 Aina Cabule


Basic idea of the product: Calendar set "Ethnographic ornaments" has a practical, functional and decorative importance. At the fundamentals of the graphic design of calendar overlies the style of minimalism where are played up the symbolic signs of Latvian writing. Ethnographic ornaments are sorted into four geometric shapes: triangle, rectangle, circle and rhombus reflecting the differences between four seasons. Triangle associates with winter, rectangle with spring, circle with summer, rhombus with autumn. In geometric form is created ethnographic ornaments which is specific to each month.

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GD 250 Verners Timoško, Ieva Riekstiņa

Brand identity for Engineering High School of Riga Technical University

Engineering High School of Riga Technical University is new and unique education establishment in Latvia. The creative idea began from Greek scientist Archimedes: “Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.” Alongside the main logo a series of symbols were created that depict legends and concepts of science such as Foucault's pendulum, Newton's apple and photosynthesis in visually graphic language. These graphic elements not only sets apart RTU EHS brand but also reinforces a strong connection with exact and natural sciences, as well as youthful and elitist spirit of school.

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GD 240 Dāvis Vilcāns

"Andrito" coffee packaging design

Andrito coffee is absolutely unique, since it is made in two different parts of the world.
The coffee beans are grown in the warm sun rays of South America, but are given their unique blend of taste in Latvia. While both places might seem far off one another, they are both united not only by coffee but also by the power of dance!
Just like Latvian culture, Columbia, Argentine and Brazil has a strong link and history with dance, so now we can see the Columbian dancer Kaldi taking out Latvian Baiba for a spin on the brand new packaging of Andrito Coffee.

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GD 239 Reinis Eglītis

Graphic identity for the conversation festival LAMPA

Conversation festival LAMPA is an unprecedented event in Latvian festival scene, urging to create something new and never experienced – stability, lightness and harmony. Free, without borders, clear and bright - breadth for valuable conversations! As it is flowing in delicate line pattern of thoughts and ideas it is a stable sign for solidity.
From the first sketches and the design of festival logo to website design and programming, communication campaign idea and realization, printed materials and festival event realization – everything has kept the LAMPA message in a its graphical form.

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GD 237 Dāvis Vilcāns

"Brainstorm" album "7 steps of fresh air" design

Finding the right balance is one of the biggest challenges in life - no matter the environment and people around us.
The design of the album goes hand in hand with the theme, showing all the fun you can have with the contrasts life has to offer - urban cities vs. wilderness, dessert sand vs. the ocean, water vs. rock and so on.

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GD 234 Anatolijs Vjalihs un Jevgeņija Žiģisova

Daugavpils visual identity

The aim was to create the visual identity of Daugavpils, which would reflect the diverse character that can be felt all around the city.
The main functions are to break stereotypes, introduce the city, create a unique visual language for communicating and interacting with all target audiences, give an impulse to development and tell a story about the city.
Usually, visual identities of cities represent places of interest; therefore, they are static, fade away quickly and are hardly liked by anyone. The idea is about dynamism and the possibility of editing both the symbol and the slogan.

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GD 230 Diāna Potapova

Wise Marks

The newly created pattern of Lielvarde belt consists of QR (Quick Response) codes and modified elements of them. Belt differs from traditional one with the easy readability of the information encoded in its pattern by using mobile application. The purpose is to redesign the Lielvarde belt as the information carrier, and to make it usable in a new level. Current belt carries information about Lielvarde city, stories and illustrations about its landmarks. By scanning codes it is possible to access each of stories and digital illustrations placed in web page.

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GD 200 Rūdolfs Matīss Trops

"Tervete wines"

Ltd Tērvetes Veltes offers varieties of wines made of berries grown in Latvia, brewed in Tervete region.
Labels were designed to express affiliation with Tervete, to provide assurance of the wine quality, associate variety of taste nuances, allow to stand out the natural color of wine (mainly why selected transparent bottles). Labels tell about the contents of the bottle with a visual and verbal methods. Tervete region contours are used in labels to associate geographical specificity. Labels printed on matte polyester films that is pleasant to the touch, waterproof and do not leave traces.

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GD 190 Elga Lakstiņa-Lakstīgala


Amber Gold is the first vodka to be filtered through amber.  This is an innovative technology that uses the highest-grade grain spirits to create a uniquely gentle taste.  The packaging of Amber Gold Vodka is also unique in that it highly praises the Baltic jewel that is amber.  The original form of the bottle comes from designers, and its gentle and flowing lines remind one of sea-polished amber.  The front label is decorated with lacquer, embossing and white foil.  The back label is printed on both sides, thus enhancing the sense of amber when looking through the glass of the bottle.

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GD 175 Māris Bičkovs

Pārlielupes pirtnieki

BRIGHT Ltd. has developed the logo and graphic design for the packaging of Pārlielupes pirtnieks dried and frozen bath brooms. The packaging serves two functions – it creates the ambience and presents the product. The colour of the packaging and textual information (the lyrical lines on the back in particular) convey the spirit of bathhouse culture and its rituals. Inspiring, aesthetical and modern – the packaging is unique and one-of-a- kind in Latvia.

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