(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

MD 340 Ieva Petkune


Interactive blanket for children-starts to shine with mobile app which includes 10 poems for 10 constellation names. In mobile app child selects constellation, lights the stars and opens them on the blanket.Blanket turns off at the same time child falls asleep by light gradually dimming within 30 min. Thereby it helps overcome the fear of darkness.
This blanket is designed for emotional durability. It can become a bedcover or it can be covered on the floor, however STAR BLANKETS main function is to protect little sleeper at night.

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MD 262 Baiba Rulle

GARDEN collection

Collection GARDEN consists of lamps,tablecloths,table serviettes,decorative table nets as the main material using the linen,created inspired by different flowers.Lamp-lantern shape and linen texture create a cozy atmosphere and a minimalist and classic-style interiors.The combination of light and linen fabric bring lightness and transparency effect shining different light chiaroscuro in the interior.The lamp is shaped by metal frame covered with linen fabric dress. They are available in white, beige and gray linen tone.More info:facebook/garden

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MD 186 Ilze Ruģele


Having preserved the current quality of sheep wool blankets for kids, an innovate system of four- weft layer weave construction has been made, which gives an opportunity to make jacquard drawings of four-color mix in the same time. It gives you more colorful, brighter drawings without using the line composition, which is changing the both two colors in the weft- line by line.
For example, using orange, pink and red- the tone of the drawing is not influenced by only the covering layer, but also by a color mix of a yarn in the next layer, for example, yellow +orange, yellow +pink and so on.

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MD 180 Ingūna Levša


Interior textile work "Forest" is woven in tabbies with floats technique from high quality wool yarn. As it is known, wool absorbs noise, so that a large-scale textile works can have a sound and noise absorption function. It can be placed in offices and waiting rooms that tend to be half-empty and boring, thus creating a pleasant forest atmosphere full of light. The work is based on a forest photograph that has been converted with Photoshop and NedGraphics programs into a contemporary interpretation of impressionism. Tapestry "Forest" is woven on industrial looms in Norway.

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